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An entry into Malaysia

eNTRI is an online visa facility provides easy entry for Indian nationals on to Malaysia. With a 3 months of issue you can stay in the country for a period of 15 days. This visa is issued as a proof of registration and once you arrive in Malaysia it has to be presented as a proof. Malaysia visa for Indians is a straight forward process as you can apply it in person or by an agent. In case if you are planning to stay for more than 30 days in the country then you can apply for 30 days single entry visa.

At the immigration counter you need to present a copy of your visa along with your passport copy. If there is any medical emergency you might be asked to take up medical insurance and even showcase the source of funds. Even the purpose of your travel along with source of accommodation might have to be explained.

Questions asked as far as Malaysia eNTRI visa is concerned

Who can go on to apply for the visa?

All Indian nationals can apply for the visa expect the nationals of Singapore

What would be the case if we happen to overstay our visa duration?

As per the visa protocols you are allowed to stay in Malaysia for a period of 15 days. By the authorities you might be asked to shell out an administrative fee and within the stipulated period of time if you fail to leave the country certain restrictions on your next travel to the country might be put in place.

Is it possible to apply for a visa online?

No this form of visa does not allow individuals to apply online. You have to procure this visa before your prior entry to the country. Even the e visa can be applied from India.

Once you have received your visa you might have figure out that certain information that is provided is not correct. What can be done in such cases?

There is no scope as you need to apply for a re visa with the correct set of information as per your travel documents.

What is the duration the visa is valid for?

This visa is valid for 3 months and is valid for a period of 15 days stay in the country. Every application can be used once and no form of extension is allowed.

Would it be possible for the visa before the day of your departure?

No you have to apply for this visa at least 48 hours before you travel date. Though with each application the processing time might differ 48 hours is the cut off before you can go on to apply for this visa.

What is the best option if you are planning to stay for only 10 days in the country?

For a short trip of 10 days the eNCERT visa is the best option as it can allow you to stay in the country for 15 days.

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