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TV Lifts for Better House Interior Design

Metal motorized floor TV lifts and pop-up TV lifts are designed to mask large monitors in a TV stand (manufactured separately), cabinet, and wall & ceiling niches. The use of such automation technology for TV is justified when space in the interior is limited but the aesthetics and safety of equipment are still important. 

This technology is able to provide the silent performance both when contracting and when retracting and hiding the monitor in its secret place. In a combination with a simple design, motorized TV lifts allow quick and simple installation within any space allocated for this purpose.

TV Lift Control Options

The basic TV lift control system is wired. In addition, each TV lift can be equipped with an IR (infrared) or RF (radio) remote control, a wall switch, or connected to an integrated control system such as AMX or Crestron. The most popular and quite convenient control option extremely popular for domestic use and for the control of numerous office equipment is the remote control. It can be connected and used easily to show & hide TV monitors when wanted.

TV Lifts Systems Compatible with Furniture 

The built-in TV lift is a convenient way of fixing the equipment, allowing the customer to hide it in the furniture. Progressive Automations offers thin, powerful, silent and reliable built-in TV lift systems that are designed for furniture manufacturers and for house owners who desire to upgrade their ordinary furniture with certain additional features. Their use allows customers to add the function of pulling out a TV monitor, or projector from a chest of drawers, a desk, kitchen furniture, a cupboard, cabinet, and even bed. The operation of the mechanisms is carried out using a motor. The remote controls are used to control the TV lift system performance.

Scope of the Automated TV Lift

Built-in elevators can be used for installation in various types of furniture. The most popular options include:

  • Chest of drawers – the TV lift can be built into the chest of drawers and elevate a flat-screen TV. This design can also be used to raise the mirror, projector, bar, and various video and audio equipment. In this case, the chest of drawers can be placed in the bedroom opposite the bed. This will allow a customer to raise the TV only while watching programs and then remove it.
  • Kitchen – the motorized TV lift can be built into the kitchen shelves, raising the TV to watch favorite TV movies while cooking.
  • Bed – The TV lift can be built into the headboard. Allows installing projectors aw sell.
  • Table – the lifting system can also be installed in the table to extend the monitor out of the tabletop. This will allow a customer to use the table in the children’s room, not only as a computer table but also for homework and creativity. In the office, this will allow using the table to work on the computer and with papers.
  • Shelf – the elevator can be arranged in a decorative shelf to raise the TV or multimedia projector.

Installation of the motorized TV lifts is possible for almost any furniture whose parameters allow hiding monitors inside.

Motorized TV Lift Systems Features 

The motorized TV lift systems are convenient and modern devices that allow their users to create a unique interior. Using such systems people can hide the TV, monitor and other bulky equipment in the furniture. To raise and lower the TV, all that is required is a single button press on the remote control or furniture. Only high-quality materials are used for manufacturing. This provides a high indicator of the strength and reliability of the construction. Powerful but almost silent motors are used to operate these linear motion automation systems.

Turning to any linear motion automation production manufacturer, you can order the TV lift system suitable for your particular case. Experienced specialists will help you make a balanced choice depending on the equipment and furniture that is planned to be used along with TV lifting systems.

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