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Three Ways to Protect Your Business Finances

What’s the point in turning over a massive amount of profit if you aren’t able to protect the money that you make? If you want your business venture to prove successful, quite simply you have to be just as focused on consolidating your cash and protecting your finances as you are on upping your profit margins in the first place.

To find three ways you can protect your business finances, be sure to read on.

Get insured

Today’s society is becoming increasingly litigious, which means that your business is always threatened with the prospect of being sued and subsequently forced to shut down. The best way to fight back in this instance is to get yourself insured. With the right cover on your side, your business will remain afloat should genuine claims be made against it, and it’ll remain safeguarded against fraudulent claims.

When looking for the right type of insurance, it’s crucial that you shop around to see which providers are handing you the best coverage. Hiscox are always a good first port of call in this instance. When you receive a business insurance quote from them, your proposed policy will be sure to include:

  • Immediate coverage and access to important documentation
  • Zero admin fees
  • A range of different cover limits that suit your specific needs

Deter cybercrime

Chances are, important data regarding your business finances can be accessed through some form of digital platform. If this data is ever breached by a hacker, your bank accounts could be drained in just a matter of a few clicks. For this reason, it is essential that you focus on data security and that you seek to deter cybercrime at all costs.

Six ways to do this include:

  • Making use of a full-service security suite
  • Setting strong passwords
  • Remaining up-to-date with regards to software versions
  • Managing your social media settings
  • Straightening your private Internet connection
  • Remaining abreast of all the latest cybercrime trends

Always get paid

The best way to protect your business finances is to ensure that they are always growing. They won’t continue to grow, though, if you constantly allow people to get away with not paying you.

To ensure that you always receive the money that you deserve whenever you provide a customer with a service or product, you must:

  • Ensure that written contracts are drawn up and signed before you enter into new partnerships
  • Send your invoices out quickly (switching to an automated cloud-based invoicing software might prove beneficial in this instance)
  • Use what is known as recurring billing
  • If needs be, get a factoring company involved

If you don’t dedicate yourself to the ongoing process of protecting your business finances, you could very well turn up at the office one day and find that your bank accounts have been emptied. After working so hard to earn your money, that is no doubt your worst nightmare. Take the above advice, and be sure to provide your business finances with the exact layer of protection they need at all times.

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