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Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to integrate your phone into your car so that you wouldn’t be distracted by it while you are driving? In reality, that’s what Android Auto actually is: your smartphone. But it has been developed to be compatible with the dashboard screen that comes with most cars. Android Auto sounds like a revolutionary product, and that’s what it is. When it made its initial release in 2015, it was not the most popular thing ever. But with time, Android Auto has made its mark in the world. Below, we will discuss some of its best benefits.

Improves safety

Every year, there are millions of car accidents all over the world because of drivers using phones to text and call while driving. This leads to deaths, injuries and a lot of sadness for all the parties involved. Although there have been many attempts by both governments and the police to reduce these accidents, drivers just can’t seem to get over using their phones. But with Android Auto, you can pick up calls, send and receive messages simply through the voice activation features.

Google came up with an innovative solution to this problem by combining the phone into the car’s dashboard. Because of this, drivers can use their phones and deal with all urgent problems and still keep their eyes on the road. This feature of Android Auto perhaps makes it the best car accessory to have. The fact that such an application can effectively increase the level of safety is good news for all authorities.

Wide availability and compatibility

This is probably why the use of Android Auto has grown like wildfire all over the world. For starters, it was made available by Android in more than 35 countries in 2019. By now, this availability must have improved. Also, anyone with an Android mobile phone can make use of the Android Auto gadgets and services. So if you own a Samsung, Huawei etc., you are in good hands.

It is also very easy to set-up and start Android Auto. The process doesn’t need explanation if you have ever used a smartphone before. The manufacturer, Google, is also improving the functionality of this product day by day. In the initial models, you had to connect the device to your car by wire. In the new improved versions, this is no longer a necessity.

Yet, there are a good amount of Android Auto alternatives for Canadians. Some argue that locally built applications are better than global giants as they manage to take better care of the needs of people who live in a small area. Many times, the applications built by large multinationals do not recognize the smaller roads or informal roads. They may also not list local and exotic music, talent and places in their systems. To avoid these inconveniences, users may consider smaller alternatives like Dashdroid. Amazingly enough, these smaller apps still have advantages that are mentioned for Android Auto.

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