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Questions To Ask A Trusted Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting into an accident is something that no one wants to be part of. However, accidents are unforeseen events that can happen anytime. During these times, you need a trustworthy and reliable personal injury lawyer at your side.

Hiring a good personal injury lawyer can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. By asking the right questions, you can find the most suitable attorney specializing in personal injury to represent you when you suffer from injuries because of someone’s shortcomings or negligence.

Here are the questions to ask personal injury lawyers before hiring them:

1. How Extensive Is Your Experience As A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Lawyers, just like doctors, have specializations in their field. When you’re filing for a personal injury claim, your best option is to hire a lawyer who specifically handles auto accidents and personal injury cases. An experienced personal injury lawyer or auto accident attorney Colorado Springs has the right skills and knowledge to win your case.

While a lawyer who just passed the bar can offer valuable legal advice, a seasoned personal injury lawyer has more in-depth experience to make sure you get the settlement you deserve. You should also find out about your prospective lawyer’s track record. A personal injury attorney’s track record includes the number of cases prosecuted and won.

2. How Do You Approach Personal Injury Cases?

Before hiring a Colorado Springs personal injury lawyer, you should find out how they handle such cases. There are personal injury lawyers who are expert litigators, while some are better at negotiations. The lawyer you hire to handle your injury case must have an approach that meets your needs and expectations. You should also find out the approach of a personal injury lawyer when dealing with insurance adjusters.

A reputable personal injury lawyer will discuss with you the different ways to handle your claim so that you can choose which is beneficial to you. Negotiations are usually less time-consuming and less expensive than going to court. But, if you prefer to go to court to settle your injury claim, your lawyer must be ready to represent you as needed.

3. How Much Do You Charge For Attorney’s Fees and Costs?

Before hiring a lawyer to handle your personal injury or auto accident case, you should find out how much you’ll be charged. You need to pay your lawyer for their services so it only makes sense to clarify the fees.

Lawyers have different compensation arrangements. You can be charged an hourly fee, a flat fee, or a contingency fee. Some lawyers may offer a combination of these arrangements.

Searching for a suitable attorney online will give you several results. However, you should do thorough research to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable legal advisor. A respectable lawyer provides a clear explanation of the fees that they’ll charge.

4. Will You Be Able To Go To Court?

A common misconception is that all lawyers try cases and can represent their clients in court. The truth is, there are some lawyers with no trial experience. It’s, therefore, necessary to ask a potential personal injury lawyer whether they can represent you in court. A good follow-up question is how many years of experience they have in going to court for their injury clients.

Why is it essential that the lawyer you’ll be hiring is a seasoned personal injury trial lawyer? Insurance companies will try to find out who’s representing you. When an insurance company knows that your lawyer is willing and able to go to court, you’ll get a better settlement. Insurance adjusters evaluate the company’s risk by finding out how a veteran personal injury trial lawyer handles a personal injury claim.

5. How Can I Communicate With You?

Communication is essential when working with legal counsel. You’re likely suffering physically, mentally, and emotionally from the trauma of an accident or injury. What you don’t need is a lawyer that’s difficult to reach.

A reliable personal injury lawyer is a breeze to talk to and will answer your questions in a manner that you’ll easily understand. Additionally, they’ll give you the contact information that you need so you can call or send a message whenever you have any questions.


An accident that leads to injuries calls for a lawyer with expert knowledge in handling auto accidents and personal injuries. When you have suffered through the negligence or misdemeanor of a company or another individual, an attorney that has a working knowledge of personal injury cases is your best ally in fighting for your rights.

Looking for a trusted Colorado Springs personal injury lawyer is not hard if you ask the right questions. Take note that an honest and reliable personal injury lawyer has your best interests at heart.

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