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Millions of People Participated in This Year’s Cleanup Day

The world cleanup day is celebrated on the 21st of September. It was first celebrated on 15th September, 2018 where 18 million people from more than 158 countries participated. In that event, the amount of waste collected was over 88,500 tones.

This year, the world cleanup day was celebrated on Saturday, 21st of September. The number of people who participated was slightly higher than last year. It’s estimated that around 20 million people spanning 179 countries took part in the event.

According to their mission statement, the movement does not only deal with cleaning trash but also raises global awareness and the implementation of long term polices to bring to an end global waste menace.

Volunteers from all nations across the globe went to forests, Streets, beaches and parks in an effort to clean up waste from nature and public spaces. Moreover, a good number of various Foundations, NGO’s, Private Companies, Government Ministries and many rubbish clearance companies have also decided to support this event.

O’Connor’s Waste Removal is just one of them and there are many that are most certainly going to join in the cleanup event. The company is well known in London as one of those that always support keeping the environment clean, green and healthy. Mr. O’Connor said he’s going personally support this year’s event by providing lessons to the volunteers on how to use professional and environment friendly ways in waste disposal.


In all 50 U.S. states and territories, an estimated two million people turned out for the cleanup. They were led by the National Cleanup. Furthermore, they cleaned various places including the Hudson River which is natural landmark in New York.


Volunteers from India came out in large numbers to clean up their beaches. They did the cleanup exercise under the leadership of the staff from Earth Day Network. The event mainly focused on the need to use plastic responsibly. Likewise, their neighbors in Myanmar, near lake Yangon also came together to clean their environment. Led by staff at Earth Day Network and Trash Hero, 30 volunteers managed to collect 70 Kgs of waste.


More than 60 cleanup sites came together to participate in the event in Brazil. Likewise, a total of more than 500,000 people from 1,200 cities across the vast country participated in the cleanup. They as well managed to collect more than 6,000 tons of waste at the end of the exercise. The volunteers majored in cleaning up the Amazon Rain Forest making the event the largest in the cleanup history.

The event brought together the country’s Ministry of the Environment, some Brazil largest private companies and various NGO’s. This was an indication that a lot can be achieved when we come together. Edilainne Muniz, president of Limpa Brasil was delighted by the large number of participants from her country, she send an email to the Earth Day Network saying, “The cleanup event clearly represents the commitment and willingness of the society to take care and preserve their cities and the environment.

Philippines, China and Vietnam

In South East Asia, the cleanup was coordinated by the Lets Do It Foundation. The objective of the foundation is to connect and empower people and organizations across the globe to make the planet waste free.

In the Philippines, around 10,000 people cleaned the highly polluted Manila Bay. Carrying sacks on their backs full of rubbish. Philippines, China and Vietnam have a major plastic pollution problem. They have been marked as the world’s worst offenders.

In Vietnam’s capital of Hanoi, the event attracted about 1400 volunteers. They participated in cleaning all parts of the city despite the high temperatures.

The same was replicated in China where 30 people gathered by the Xiataihou River in Beijing to collect litter along the manmade waterway.

The head of Let’s Do It network Team, Heidi Solba said, “Our leaders everywhere across the globe are full of power to do it again next year. The cleanup events are a wonderful way to create immediate change, while also introducing this mismanaged waste issue and inspiring politicians, businesses and communities to implement steps toward lasting change.”


More than 30,000 volunteers in 250 cities took part in the cleanup exercise. They collected trash from all locations: from highly populated urban centers to rural forests.


African continent was not left behind either, Volunteers from Mozambique, Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria, Senegal and the DRC took part in the event. They also had massive post clean up street parties complete with music and dancing.

The next world cleanup day will be held on 19th September, 2020.

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