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How Your PIP Phone Number is Set to Change How Your Claim Benefits

PIP (Personal Independence Payment) Phone Number is set to change how differently-abled people claim their benefits. One of the most challenging processes of claiming benefits has been the kind of disability. With so many people scattered around the UK, it is also hard to manage them.

But your PIP phone number is your very own unique payment place where you can get your benefits, and this natural way is also set to replace the Disability Living Allowance.

Giving people far more power over their claims and making it easy for everyone to get their share.

Your PIP Phone Number & Benefits

You are entitled to the extra benefit in the form of money when you register for your PIP . You will able to get a reduction in your council taxes. This extends to your road taxes and travel discounts. Moreover, such entitlements help people live a dignified life throughout.

Your PIP award letter lets you claim these benefits, which you can avail the moment you are eligible for your PIP claim form the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions).

You can also avail the following list of benefits by make a call on your PIP Phone Number

  • Your housing benefit is included
  • Get Jobseeker allowances sent
  • Creditworthy working tax
  • Pension Credit
  • Income Support

What if Your Claim PIP Benefit for a Child?

Children who are at their education and is between the age of 16-20, you can apply for their PIP(Personal Independence Payment) too. This also avails you of an extended housing allowance.

Alongside, many regional offices give you a discounted council tax on claiming PIP for a child between 16-20.

Are PIP Claims Reviewed? 


That is one of the most significant and most important changes the DLA has made to its assessment process; by adding a PIP phone number to all claimants. Moreover, as they review all existing PIP claims, fraudulent and non-awarding PIP claims will be discontinued.

The good news is, many PIP claims are not even awarded, and everyone who was left out will be getting their claims through their PIP helpline number.

I am on DLA; Will I get PIP Benefits?

You should note that the DLA is set to be discontinued for claimants born after 8th April 1948. Instead, you will be getting it through by make a call on your PIP number.

You need to connect with your local Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), and they will invite you to get your PIP number.

You call your DWP, as that is the PIP phone number for all claims and new registers.

To register and get verified, you may need to produce your health records, correspondence form social health workers, your medicine lists, etc.

In any case, where you are not considered for PIP and want to challenge that decision, you can. You must ask your DWP to reconsider, which is called a ‘mandatory reconsideration.’ Note that you must make this appeal within 30 days of the monthly calendar form the date of your decision handed out.

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