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Explore the Beauty of the La Jolla Underwater Park

To have a view of the fantastic underwater world in California, one must embark on one of the kayaking tours in La Jolla California that takes you across the water right to the spot where you can witness one of the highest concentrations of marine life in California. You can see the underwater park from the kayak as you lazily sail on the water to catch the incredible sights of sand flats, rocky reefs, kelp beds, and a submarine canyon. The crystal-clear water is a photographer’s delight who can view the underwater marvels through their camera lenses and capture it for immortality. The tranquility of the La Jolla Shores Beach is due to the rocky reefs that compel the waves to break tamely on the beach.

See the Gray whales and Leopard sharks

As you proceed from the beach kayaking into the deep sea, you can see shallow sand flat extending into the sea and after progressing for some distance, suddenly drops some 500 feet and leads to the canyon. During seasonal migrations, whales frequent the deep water and attracted by rich food that comes near to the shore. The Gray Whales, on their way to Baja California from Alaska, is visible from the shores. To see leopard sharks, you must make a trip in summer when the world’s biggest gatherings of sharks happen.

An underwater forest

The perimeter of the underwater park marked by the buoys is visible on the water surface, and it is an Ecological Reserve created for preserving marine life. Although fishing and scavenging are strictly prohibited in this zone, anglers can obtain a valid fishing license to throw their lines outside of this area. From La Jolla Cave, you can swim out to the kelp beds of the underwater park to witness the magnificent strands that grow up to 100 feet under deep water provided you are lucky enough to avoid entangling your legs in the strands.

The magnificent sea life

You can spot leopard sharks and the state fish of California, Orange Garibaldi swimming in the shallow water below as you sail in your kayak. The seals and different types of sea lions swimming in the water and lounging on the cliffs will draw your attraction with its sounds. The warm water of La Jolla attracts pregnant leopard sharks that find the place suited for incubation before delivering the newborn. Swimmers can hang around the harmless creatures in knee-deep water near the shores. However, scuba diving and snorkeling in the Ecological Reserve are the best ways to see the sea life from a close distance. In winter, squids travel to the depths of the underwater park to lay eggs on the ocean floor that form a huge white blanket that resembles a football field.

Seven sea caves

Set in 75-million-year-old sandstone adjacent to the underwater park is the seven sea caves that you can reach by kayaking or in an SUP. You can only see the Clam’s Cave from the shore.

Taking a guided kayaking tour is one of the best ways to explore and enjoy the wonders of the sea.

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