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Comparing American Gardens Versus English Gardens

Are American Gardens as Good as the British Ones? According to Daniela Coray, an American garden designer, there is a difference between the American and British gardens. More so, on how the two view gardening, she says, “This is a key difference between American and English gardening….. It’s a status symbol . We don’t have a robust gardening culture and I rarely have clients interested in planting.”

Garden designs aren’t as popular in the United States as it is in Britain. However, the American attitude on public green space has changed. “The New York High Line demonstrates grassroots campaigning and the push for regeneration.” says Daniela.

She also argues that Americans are more interested in how the garden provides a sense of social status. British gardeners on the other hand, she says, “View their landscapes with more respect and express themselves more through gardening”.

English Gardens

English gardens tries to blend into the natural landscape. It’s a mixture of both the romantic and wild elements. Some of the romantic elements introduced in the 18th century include small lakes, pond, long docks on the water and sculpture.

If you ask somebody from a prominent gardening company from London like Handy Gardens, you will immediately be told that British gardens have a specific style that is not easily copied. They have a unique way of blending different elements in their magnificent gardens which are admired by many. Additionally, the Britons have passion and are caring and make their gardens the way they look now.

The UK is somehow homogeneous place climatically and geographically and therefore there is a good percentage of similarity in most UK gardens. Some gardeners have very bright displays of flowers and they really adept have them with flowers specifically planted so that at different times of year, different plants/flowers will bloom

Daniela appreciates the British garden culture, she says that gardening is ingrained in people in Britain, “In the States we don’t call it a garden, we call it a yard, and the word has a very negative connotations, like it’s a cast-off, not something you put energy into.

Mark Diacono, an award-winning gardening and food writer further emphasizes on how the British are connected to their gardens, he says: “Gardening gives you everything you need. “We’re rubbish in England at doing nothing. Part of the appeal of gardening is it’s an excuse to potter about, to use enough brain and enough body not to be accused of being lazy, which is pretty much the worst thing you can level at a British person.

American Lawns

It’s no secret the Americans love their lawns. In gardening, their main focus is the lawn. This was inspired by British landscape gardening, mown grass dominates public and private spaces.

Most of the localities still have “Ordinance Law.” People who grow wildflowers or vegetables in their front garden may face prosecution.

Lawns are the most grown crop in the US and there not one that anyone can eat. Their primary purpose is to make us look and feel good about ourselves says Krystal D. Costa. In the US, people view lawns as very important since it’s a status symbol within the community and also the community at large.

Lawns are a way of connecting neighbors and neighborhoods. They portray the socio-economic character which translates into property and resale value. Likewise, lawns are a sign of success. A well-maintained lawn is an admirable trait that indicates you care. Most of the times, we compare our lawns with those of our neighbors, is our grass green? Are the edges neatly trimmed? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves as we try to have that perfect lawn in America.

Moreover, they represent the pride of homeownership and the cultivation of the community.

According to Daniela Coray, the British need to learn a few things pertaining to public space. The New York line demonstrates grass roots campaigning and the push for generation which is in many ways at the core of the American attitude to public green space.

This shows that the British take great care of their personal plots more than public spaces. They need to change and think more about community places and take great care of these public places.

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