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Tips for hiring a bartender at your next event

There is a recipe for success for a party. Anywhere around the world, if you look at a successful event or a party, they need good guests, great music, and a well-stocked bar. However, the stocked bar isn’t going to serve itself, so you need the bartenders as well to do the bidding when it comes to champagne toasts or the custom drinks.

A professional bartender saves time and allows the guests to have a great time without the need to fret over, mixing the next batch of cocktails. So, in the following section, we have gone over the tips to make sure you hire yourself the best bartender. So, when you are looking for the Colorado best bartender, here is all the information you will need to keep in mind.

Start with the date, place and time

Well, we start with the obvious. Any event or a party will need the date along with the place and time before you can start looking for the bartending service. It is essential to plan in advance so that all the logistical problems can be taken care of. There is no discussion without setting up an event date.

Look for a licensed service

You might be having the party at a private space, but if you are going for a venue, then you will need state-licensed bartending services. Keep in mind that you need to abide by the legal restrictions in place, and therefore you need a licensed service to avoid run-ins with the law enforcement on the day of the event.

The bartender experience is vital

You need to ask your questions directly to the service official during negotiating on the deal and the event details. Experience is critical when it comes to bartending and associated services. There will be requests for customized cocktails and drinks that will require expert handling.

Make a list of the signature cocktails

Since you are the host of the event, if it is possible make a list of the signature cocktails that you know for sure will be demand during the party. If you want, you can even have a signature cocktail for the party itself according to the theme, if applicable. You can also have several choices for the guests to select from.

Make the shopping list before the D-day

You will need the complete guest list and then plan for the shopping list keeping your budget in mind. Make a list of all that you want to serve. Ask your friends and family if you are unsure about the popular choices and the trendsetting cocktails that are a rage around the world at various destination parties and events. Ask your questions and make sure that your bartender will be able to tend to all the requests however outlandish they might seem to be.

The number of bartenders

It is not just about the number of guests and the amount of alcohol. You need to make sure that the number of bartenders and the servers are adequate as well so that guests do not have to wait in line to get the drink they need. Keep in mind that bartenders need breaks as well. So make sure you discuss the matter with your service before signing on the dotted line.

Follow these simple tips before hiring a bartending service to make sure your event becomes the talk of the town for months to come.

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