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Things to Watch for When Moving to the US from the UK

Under normal circumstances, relocating is a stressful business. Should the relocation involve moving across continents, the stress monitor can easily slip into the red zone. Fortunately, there a number of things that you can look into in advance that will help to make the whole moving process a lot easier.

Moving Process

With an international move you need the professional help of an experienced moving company like Amazing Moves who have been in the relocation industry for many years. They can tell you that proper planning is not just important, it is essential. The skilled movers will pack your things in a safe, organized way, and on the day of the move, they will be there to take the load of moving off your shoulders.

They will pack the van for you, and when your things get to your new home, they will have a team there ready to unpack. If you wish, they can arrange the furniture as well.


When in England, getting a visa to the US can be a rather protracted process, and it is one that needs to be started early enough to avoid disappointment. For anyone who is planning on going to work, in most cases you will need to be sponsored by your organization, or alternatively possess a skill that is needed where you are going.

Some people even suggest that you opt to go to a remote part of the US where professional skills may be in short supply. This would give you a better chance of getting a work visa.

If you are looking to retire abroad to the US, you will need to show proof that you are wealthy enough to support yourself during your stay there. Alternatively, you need to show that your sponsor in the US is able to take adequate care of you.

Foreign Exchange

It is inevitable that you will need to exchange some money from pounds to dollars before you leave. It is important to be aware that the fees charged by foreign currency brokers are usually lower than those charged by banks.


Health is an important factor wherever you live. Even though it is generally agreed that a warmer climate is better for your health, it is best to ensure that you understand the US health care insurance regulations so that you can prepare yourself. Having health insurance is one of the requirements for you to get a visa. From 3 November 2019, the US will put into effect a policy that says immigrants will not be allowed entry into the US if they cannot prove that they can afford healthcare.

Property Taxes

If you are planning on buying a house or some property when you get to the US, you need to research on their property tax so that you are not the victim of an unpleasant surprise.

Capital Gains Tax

When you sell your UK home while in the US, be prepared to pay capital gains tax. In some cases you can be taxed both in the UK and in the US. You need to look into the US policy on capital gains to prepare yourself.

House Size

Houses in the UK are generally smaller than those in the US so you should prepare yourself to move into a bigger house. The average size of an American house is two times the average British house so you should be prepared to eventually buy more furniture.

Mail Boxes

Something as mundane as a mail box can easily draw your attention to the fact that you are in a new continent. American mail boxes are situated on the lawn away from the grass. Post boxes in the UK are part of your front door so you do not need to leave the comfort of your house to get your mail.

Christmas v Super Bowl

In the UK, you are used to Christmas being the biggest holiday of the year. When thinking of relocating to the US, you need to start adjusting yourself to having the super bowl as the most important event of the year. That is the time that the beer flows freely and the festive season abounds.


You have gotten used to driving on the left side of the road in the UK. This has been so well ingrained in you that you do it instinctively. When you move to the US, you will discover that they drive on the right side of the road. This will clearly take you some time to adjust to, especially if you intend to drive yourself around.


English spoken in UK differs from that spoken in the US in very subtle ways. You need to understand these differences to avoid confusion.

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