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Standing Desk Health Benefits

Already for over a decade, the linear actuator technology helps to create unique and incomparable pieces of furniture like office chairs and what is more important – office tables. This new generation of office tables is called standing desks. Being equipped with electric linear actuators tabletops of these work stations can be adjusted by their height. 

Shifting Between Working Positions

At such a table, customers can work both in sitting and standing positions, which is especially appreciated by people who spend a lot of time doing routine office work. Resulting in a change in body position the adjustable electric desk redistributes the load on different muscle groups, reduces and prevents the back, neck, and chest pain. Also, what is more important, standing work contributes people to lose almost one and a half times more calories than when sitting. In addition, the ability to adjust the height creates comfortable conditions for people of all heights. This is undoubtedly also very important when choosing the office table that would be appropriate for disabled people and those who experienced back surgery and need to adjust the height of their tabletop at the height that can be considered as the convenient to work.

Universal Standing Desk Solutions

The standing desk technologies offered by Progressive Desk are universal and can be used for various purposes both at home and in the office. These high-tech tables allow adjusting the tabletop’s height by simple button press. What can be more convenient? At one of the front corners of the standing desk tabletop, the manufacturer places the remote control panel to control the height of the tabletop. These controllers have from 2 to 4 special regimes that remember the previous height settings and can be used as the quick buttons. The single button press at such a remote control panel can run the linear actuator technology hidden inside of the table frame and force it to level up or down the tabletop. Thanks to this lifting feature standing desks can be suitable for people who prefer working in standing positions. 

Health Benefits Provided by Movable Tabletop

There are some most important standing desk implementation health benefits that can convince even the most avid supporters of ordinary office tables to start using this innovative technology. First of all, it is the increase in burning calories. Those who try standing desk benefits will make sure that working when standing accelerates the calorie-burning process. Quite useful for people who desire to lose some extra weight and look better. 

Another benefit related to the standing desk implementation is better posture. Even when sitting in a fashionable ergonomic chair, the office worker won’t avoid leaning forward with a hunched back, which is harmful to breathing. At the same time, while standing, the forearms are on the table at an angle of 90 degrees, and the shoulders go back, straightening the back and allowing the chest to be free of extra pressure so that a person could breathe in full lungs. When shifting between sitting and standing positions during the working day it decreases the level of stress and fatigue that is usually caused by a stable body position.

Furthermore, spending their everyday life with standing desks, customers will discover that their blood pressure and circulation gets back to normal. Headaches, migraines and a lot of other health problems will just disappear after a person start a healthy life with these ergonomic motorized office table solutions.

Standing desk solutions can be of extreme convenience for those wanting to change their lifestyle and become more active even while working. This technology suits both those wanting to lose extra weight and those wanting to eliminate problems with their back pain, neck pain, and heavy breathing. Think healthy and use automated solutions to stay the better version of you.

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