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Racism in America Isn’t What the Democrats Tell You It Is

Black leaders and Democrats have said for decades that African-Americans and other minorities are victims of white racism. Lately, their accusations have become more and more strident. They tell us that we are and have always been a racist country first and foremost. I do agree with the Democrats on one thing. There is still some white racism is in America. In 2017 Dylann Roof killed nine black worshippers at a Charleston church. That same year saw white supremacists hold a rally in Charlottesville that turned violent.  Last August Hispanics were targeted in El Paso because of their race. Historically, millions of African-Americans were held in slavery by white owners in the South.  These and other incidences are cited by Democrats to appeal to minority voters for their support. Sadly, what they are saying makes the situation worse, not better.

The Democrats would have us believe that racism began with white Americans believing they were superior to people with darker skins. As my grandmother used to say, that’s malarkey. Racism has been around for as long as groups of people had noticeable differences. Those differences were never based exclusively on skin color. Romans, Chinese, and Zulus all believed they were superior to neighbors who looked pretty much the same as they did. Slavery, too, wasn’t invented by white Americans. Historically, slavery was practiced around the world, including sub-Sahara Africa. As a matter of fact, most of the slaves shipped to America had first been enslaved by other African tribes.

So what are the conditions that lead to racialism? Hundreds of books and essays have been written about this subject. Some of the most often listed reasons are, envy, anger, and fear. The Democratic rhetoric inflames all those emotion s in their target audience. That audience is minorities, especially African-Americans. Therein lays the danger of the Democrat distortion of conditions in America. In reality, white racism has greatly diminished since the Civil Rights movement. Barack Obama was elected twice, something he couldn’t have achieved without garnering significant support from white voters. Further, in 2008 President Obama won 54% of young white voters while only 44 percent went for McCain. White racism was definitely on the decline. Yet in spite of this Democrat anti-white rhetoric has not just continued, but grown.

A Pew research poll in April this year reported that Americans think race relations are getting worse, not better. It’s worth noting that this is the opinion of 71% of blacks as compared to 56% of whites. Most troubling is that among blacks over the age of 50 the majority believes that blacks and whites get along, but of blacks under the age of 50, only 33% think this is true. Why? Let’s go back to envy, anger, and fear. For many blacks, especially those in inner cities, their quality of life lags behind that of the majority of whites. For decades Democrats have told African-Americans that this is the white man’s fault citing white privilege, systemic racism, and the lasting effect of slavery as reasons. Envy. Human nature resents this. Anger. Finally, the Democrats insinuate that the inherent racism in our institutions unfairly targets African-Americans. Police shootings and black incarceration rates by the justice system are highlighted by Democrats. Fear.

In order to garner black votes, the Democrat party has shamefully fanned an anti-white wave of resentment in the African-American community and the result is an increase in black racism. Yes, anyone can be racist. The evidence is there, even if it’s under-reported by the major media. Some examples are the targeting of police, the Dallas sniper attack in 2016 being the worse single case. Black Lives Matter demonstrators shouting “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!” The deliberate targeting of whites by blacks such as the shooting in a Tennessee church where the shooter stated it was in retaliation for the Charleston shooting. We also have the wave of ‘Polar Bear hunting,’ also called the ‘knock out game,’ assaults by blacks on whites.” Then there are the flash mobs looting stores as yet another example. It can’t be proved that Democrat rhetoric is the single cause of all this, but to deny it is a contributing factor is to ignore the impact of propaganda.

The scariest thing is you have what is known as the “cowboy and Indian effect.” That was when one group of Native Americans massacred some settlers. Other settlers came along and discovered the dead settlers and attacked the nearest Native American village which had nothing to do with the attack. The survivors of that village then attacked other settlers in revenge. The result of fear and anger is increased racism on both sides.

I hope the Democrats are not deliberately trying to stoke racism, but that’s what is happening. Martin Luther King said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Democrats seem to have forgotten his words.

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