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Basics To Know Before Buying A Generator Online

Electric power is the mainstay for humans in today’s world. Many aspects of human life are touched by electricity. Today, the most convenient way to buy the generator is online. Thanks to the internet for giving the biggest varieties of generators for sale at your fingertips. You can do the research at your convenience, from the right sources, tips from the experts and read the reviews of the users, check out the special features that suit the best for your applications and many more.

Why Buy Generators Online?

The main advantage of shopping online is to access the best bargains and deals from many generator users. This is because online retailers don’t carry the overhead cost as the retail stores have. The online retailers ensure that the generators for sale are at an affordable cost. Another advantage of buying the generator online is, you can find the ins and outs of the professionals. You can spend your own time to watch the videos of the portable generators, view an inverter generator from all the angles, read user guides and blogs.

Online brand stores provide phone chat and live chat from the experts to answer your queries. But in physical stores, you feel rushed to buy the generator because the store assistant required to sell the generator. When you are buying a generator from the online store, the right online retailer will meet all your needs and returns are easier. Be careful when you buy the generator online because every online store is not a reputed one. 

Consider the warnings before buying the generator online

The most important point to look upon while buying the generator is customer service. Most of the online retailers focus only on profits. After the sale, if something goes wrong with the product or with delivery, they will not provide any customer service. Many online stores claim about the product which is completely not true. So, make sure to buy the generator from the reputed retailers who sell only high-quality products. 

  • Make sure that you pick the right generator after getting all the detailed information from the customer service executives.  
  • Also, make sure that you do not fall prey to buy cheap products.  
  • Check out if they offer live chat, email, phone, and sales support. 
  • Check if they are having a quality shipping partner to make sure the product is delivered safely. 
  • Check out if they stand by their brand name and customer services. 
  • The life of the generator depends on these, so don’t buy the lower-priced product.

Things to know when you shop for the generator

Backup generators are becoming a necessity in some parts of the country due to power cut-off. Of late we get to see frequent power cuts due to many disasters, like cyclones, earthquakes, and storms to name a few, so power backup like generators is a must.  If you are thinking of buying a generator for your home, it is better to understand the systems and their working. The standby generator should be placed outside the home on the concrete slab. The noise is heard from the engine, so select the system which is right for your requirements. 

In grid-tie installations, the grid wires and generator are tied to the transfer switch. The generator works by monitoring the grid power. When the power fails, the generator disconnects the contact with the grid and starts up the engine to provide power to your home. This takes only 30 seconds to power your home. If the grid power is connected, then the generator will automatically switch off. 

Kinds of generators based on the fuels used

There are different kinds of generators that run with different fuels.

  • Diesel generators
  • Petrol generators
  • Solar generators
  • Gas generators and 
  • Hybrid generators 

Most of the power generators use diesel as fuel because it has many advantages, which include easy availability. Low price, best fuel efficiency, lower flammability, consistent performance, can run under adverse situations, longer life are some of the main advantages of the diesel generators. Petrol is also good fuel as diesel. Since the petrol cost is high, the operating cost is also higher. Gas generators use natural gas or propane as fuel. They are environment-friendly, cleaner and create less noise when compared to the diesel and petrol generators. 

Solar generators get energy from the sun and give electricity to power devices. Absence of pollution, abundant supply in summer, noiseless operation, no running costs are some of the advantages of the solar generators. But the acquisition cost is higher from all the other generators. Hybrid generators run on solar energy and with the combination of other fuels like petrol, diesel, CNG, etc. All the types of generators provide backup supply to small and big devices.

Kind of generators based on power output

There are various types of generators which include industrial generators, inverter generators, portable generators, induction generators, and standby generators. Inverter generators are available in different sizes and can produce 2000-5000 watts of power. This kind of generator is used in automobiles, recreational vehicles, and air conditioners. Industrial generators provide a wide range of output from 20-2500 kilowatts.

Industrial generators have characteristics like robust, can operate for many hours and can generate single and three-phase power supply. Standby generators are widely used in restaurants, hospitals, residential apartments/homes, hotels, and many more. Portable generators are used in various applications like camping, outdoor function, construction sites, outdoor shooting, cultural-based events, remote areas, agriculture, etc.  This generator gives low power output as they are portable. 

Get to know about the fuel options

There are different types of generators depending on the many classifications. Among that, one classification is the fuel options used in the generator. Different kinds of fuel used in the generators are petrol, diesel, solar energy, gas and a combination of fuels. Standby generators use natural gas as fuel for the generators. You need to connect the gas meter to the generator through a natural gas line.

You can also use liquid propane (LP) instead of natural gas. A standard size tank holds up to 500 gallons and needs piping to the generator. There are also diesel generators for sale online that you can consider. The quantity of fuel burnt depends on the electrical load and its size. So, it is advised to check out the energy efficiency of your home with the generator. 

Get to know about the watts

Backup generators are sold with different wattage capacity and are measured in kilowatts (KW). The wattage capacity depends on the wattage requirements of your home. It also depends on the place you live in and which time of the year you use air-conditioner adds to your electricity usage. To find approximate watts used for one hour, find the average kilowatt in one hour with the help of your electricity bill, and then divide the number by 24. There are also home wattage tools from Cummins, Generac, GE, and Kohler generator manufacturers who have wattage tools on their website to calculate the number of watts required for one hour.

Go ahead to buy the backup generator which meets all your power requirements than the one which delivers the only ¾ of what is required to your less expensive home. Over-burdening backup generator damages the voltage output and affects the parts which include compressors and HVAC motors of the generator. Overloading heats the generator and melts the components. 

Bring the power to your home

Many of us have sensitive electronics at our home, so it is advised to have an Alternating Current with the sine-wave with a frequency of 60 Hz. The harmonics and noise in the transforming circuits and electric motors damage the valuable electronics and disrupt the sine-wave. The backup generator has a power filter circuit that removes the harmonics and noise caused by the running generator. 

Generator servicing and maintenance

Proper servicing and maintenance of the generator are very much necessary to get the best performance for your investment. Before switching on the generator, make sure the fuel tank is full. Check cords and wiring periodically and change when there is damage. Regularly clean the filters and change when required. Ensure the oil level is always to the mark and perform periodic check up on oil.  Follow the generator guidelines given in the manual book. Always use the recommended fuel only. Make sure to cover the generator to avoid sunlight and rain. Always keep the generator area well ventilated. When there is the main fault, then the professional technician must be requisitioned.

We strongly recommend you to talk with the professionals if you choose permanent standby generators. You must meet the state and local safety regulations when you are installing the backup generator to your home. Consider all the safety needs of various fuel systems and make the electrical connections safe. It is advised to contact the generator professional for installing the permanent stand-up generator for your home. The generator professionals will keep your family safe with a reliable, safe and affordable system. 

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