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And So It Begins – Democrats and Republicans Shake Hands And Come Out Fighting


Fox Business host Lou Dobbs took aim at Democrats over their impeachment inquiry into President Trump, saying they were acting as an “enemy of the state.”

“They are absolutely willing to subvert the president of the United States. They are lawless, they are reckless, and then they want to pretend — Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer want to talk with the president about gun control?” Dobbs said Monday night in regards to Democratic leaders saying they still want certain legislation signed by Trump despite their impeachment inquiry. “Really? Nancy, Chuck get real; You’re behaving as an enemy of the state and then you want to play like you’re going to make a deal with the president?”

As he ended the segment, he added, “Go to hell!”

louDobbs onTrump

It’s about time someone said it…The rant came as Dobbs had a panel on to take on the whistleblower complaint that fueled the start of an impeachment inquiry into Trump. Dobbs, 74, claimed, “Obviously it’s what they want” after a panelist asked if the CIA wanted to be “overturning elections.”

“It is just for President Trump,” he added.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi backed an impeachment inquiry last week based on a report by a whistleblower, which said the president had pressured the Ukrainian government to investigate his potential 2020 opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden.

In a closed-door meeting with the Democrat caucus, Nancy Pelosi finally threw down the gauntlet. Speaker Pelosi stood in front of her charges and announced the kamikaze mission “to proceed with an impeachment inquiry” against Donald Trump. The grounds for this witch hunt and Presidential harassment was the fake news scandal surrounding Donald Trump pressuring the President of Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden for corruption.


Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Democrats behind closed doors that she is ready for the House to open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump for pressuring Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his family.

It would be my intention with the consent of this caucus … to proceed with an impeachment inquiry,” she said, according to two Democratic sources in the room. “He is asking a foreign government to help him in his campaign, that is a betrayal of his oath of office.”

Chuck Schumer quickly announced his support for Pelosi’s announcement.

“I speak regularly with Leader Pelosi. I spoke to her last night and again twice this morning. As I’ve said before, I believe she is handling this appropriately and she has my support,” Schumer informed fawning members of the fake news media.

But the truth of the matter is the Democrats are flying blind here.

And Nancy Pelosi made it clear it is happening regardless of the President announcing he would release the transcript of the call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Pelosi told the press it didn’t matter what the transcript said, Democrats were plowing ahead with impeachment no matter what.

Pelosi with finger pointing

“No. This is about the constitution of the United States. We have many other candidates for impeachable offenses,” Pelosi declared.

That’s a Pretty bold statement for the leader of a party that has more than their share of candidates for a jail cell themselves. We should impeach Pelosi. The Democrats are the ones who don’t go by the Constitution or respect it.

The allegations of people like Schiff, AOC, Ilan and others based on no foundation are responsible for causing civil disturbance and destruction of both private and public property. This riotous activity cannot be brushed aside with feeble excuses when the statements they make are outright lies.

Speaker Pelosi could come to regret this day.

When President Trump announced he would release the transcript, he did so while revealing the Ukrainians had no issue with the record of the confidential conversation between two world leaders being made public because they knew the conversation was completely innocent.

Trump’s phone call wasn’t even a criminal action – yet Democrats still seem to be pushing the scandal to make it seem bigger than it really was. We already know that the whistleblower doesn’t have information about Trump’s phone call firsthand. It’s just gossip picked up from around the office. Not reliable! Of course, this is all just one big publicity stunt. Democrat Congress members are just trying to make the situation seem worse than it really is because they want to make Donald Trump and his supporters look like monsters.

If they try to take Trump out of the White House there is no telling what will happen. And I’m afraid that is just what they want. It will completely destroy this country and Pelosi said she doesn’t care if It costs them the House in the next election..

President Trump wrote that “Secretary of State Pompeo received permission from Ukraine Government to release the transcript of the telephone call I had with their President. They don’t know either what the big deal is. A total Witch Hunt Scam by the Democrats!”

This could be the biggest miscalculation of Nancy Pelosi’s political career. This so-called “scandal” bears all the hallmarks of a Deep State hoax.

From the anonymous sources, to the leaks, to the fake news media rushing to judgment, this entire story reads like a replay of the Russian collusion hoax.

But this time Pelosi is playing with live ammo. That’s because this move guarantees that the 2020 election will be a referendum on impeachment. And given how poorly impeachment polls with the American people, that is an argument the Democrats are set up to lose.

Meanwhile all the liberal TV pundits are saying there is no proof Biden or his son did anything wrong? Really? Biden only is on tape saying how he pressured the Ukranian president to fire the prosecutor investigating his on within six hours or he won’t get the billion dollars in aid. The prosecutor was fired and Ukraine got their requested aid and these TV hosts say there is no proof?

There are none so blind as those who will not see. They know Biden is guilty, but they are so blinded and consumed with hate and rage for Trump that they don’t see their own people doing any harm. They are just drawing the wagons around Biden to protect him like they do with all criminal democrats including Hillary. They not only hate Trump, but all Americans and who voted for him because it was they who put Trump in office.

They want total control over our lives with their big-government power ideas and regulations that Trump took away from them under Obama,750 in all, 50,000 pages out of the 1200 regulations (shackles as I like to call them) under Obama.

Rush Limbaugh so adequately put it on his show today saying it’s not about getting rid Of Trump, it’s about getting rid of us.. It’s not just about getting rid of Trump. It’s about getting rid of us, this show, talk radio, Fox News, and our freedom to vote. They are fed up with having opposition. They are fed up with having opponents. They’re fed up with having to win or debate in the arena of ideas. That is beneath them. They shouldn’t have to do that. We are a gigantic irritation to them and their objectivity here by taking out Trump is taking out everybody associated with him, including those who voted for him and put him into office.”

 Well, look. In fairness, and this is not meant as a full-throated defense, but it’s relevant. There’s a big difference between Republicans and Democrats. Big, big, big difference. The Democrats want, they demand, they crave the total power to run everybody’s life. They crave, they have to have the power of the government to be able to use it to affect the outcomes they want. They are genuine power mad Stalinist types.


The Republicans have no desire for that kind of power. Republicans, for the most part, like to win elections and run things, but they don’t want to control your life. They don’t look at people as enemies simply because they disagree with ’em and then target them for being wiped out. But the Democrats do! So the Republican objectives are not even the same as the Democrats. So you’re not gonna get similar behavior.

Republicans have no desire to wipe out the Democrats.

Democrats totally exist to wipe us out — I mean, in a political sense.

So you’re never gonna get Republicans behaving as Democrats do. That’s forever gonna frustrate you. Our option is to keep defeating them in elections — which they know, which is why they don’t want to get anywhere near debating or discussing issues. Their agenda does not appear to a majority of Americans when a majority of Americans learns what it really is. I don’t believe a majority of Americans want to live in an autocratic, socialist, command-control economy and country.”

When all is said and done and Trump gets in again and if we take the house, these Dems will realize what a mistake they made and a waste of energy and two years in their lives they will never get back again. Like I said in my previous article when I quoted from the Pink Floyd song they’ll be “shorter of breath and one day closer to death.”

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