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Who’s In Your Wallet – Goodwyn Cartoon

There is only one type of green the left’s climate change agenda is after.

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About Al Goodwyn

Al Goodwyn's cartoons have appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines, books and websites including the Washington Post, the Washington Times and the Washington Examiner.


  1. Left Right Left Right. The Debt Masters have the Tax Cows mooing in lockstep for one criminal or the other.

  2. Force Recon Marine

    IF and I say IF Americans are so STUPID as to elect a Demorrhoid we can kiss our republic good bye

    There is no such thing as free stuff
    Things that don’t exist
    • White privilege
    • White Nationalism
    • More than two genders
    • Places where gun control works
    • Places where socialism has worked
    • Safe places
    • Free speech in Muslim controlled nations
    • Law abiding illegal immigrants
    • Tolerant Leftopathic LIEberals
    • Toxic masculinity
    • A lieberal with a brain
    • Free speech on college campuses
    • Honest Democrats
    • Lieberals who have common sense
    • A Democrat who isn’t a racist
    • A Patriotic Democrat
    • A Democrat who isn’t treasonous

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