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Top trending food and beverage in 2019

Food and beverage have become an essential part of the modern lifestyles of people. People seek new flavors and exotic tastes to satisfying their cravings. This is why restaurants and food and beverage industries are working on introducing new products that would gain popularity among people. Here are some popular food and beverage trends of 2019.

Foods that help the brain

Manufacturers are working on a new food and beverage product that is going viral among people. The main focus is on use of several whole foods that already provide this advantage like improving focus, attention and brain functioning. The manufacturer is doing research on different ingredients that are likely to improve the functioning of the brain and the whole body in general. Nootropics is the name for these food items that are even in the daily use of people. This includes food items like extra virgin olive oil, eggs and fruits like blueberries. The nootropics supplements are a huge sale in the market and infused in food and beverage items, they are becoming popular among people.

Wild greens

Greens have been increasingly used in food and beverage items like salads and diet juices using cucumbers, lettuce and other green vegetables. According to the new trend, the leafy vegetables are now being replaced by newer greens that are lesser wild. Greens like mustard, dandelion are now being introduced on the platters by many restaurants. In beverages, citrus fruits like limes and lemons are also going to be replaced by ingredients of similar type but a newer taste. This is particularly loved by vegetarians who look for alternatives to have the same exquisite flavors as meat. Vegetarian main dishes are found in many fine dining restaurants globally.

Swirl ice creams

Nowadays, food being posted on Instagram holds equivalent position to enjoying the food in person. Swirl ice creams and other food products of similar kind are a new addition to the aesthetic Instagram feed that is a feast for the eyes. Businesses are putting in effort to design food and beverage products that would be attractive and perfect to be captured. Although ice creams will always be the number one favorite dessert classic cone ice creams are now being taken over by fried dough and sugar-coated cones. Liquid nitrogen is also being increase used to make futuristic food and beverage items like ice creams. The gas freezes whatever it comes in contact with and hence is a new trend in the ice cream parlors. The reason for increasing popularity is the showmanship that results in an ice cream with a smoky effect.

Latin Cuisine

Tacos and burritos have been around for quite a while now and are definitely a win in all food categories ranging from lunch or snacking. Besides the traditional tacos, other Latin cuisines are well liked among people. This includes Guatemalan, Peruvian and other Latin cuisines that our grandmas love to make.

CBD coffees

CBD is an ingredient found in cannabis which is known not to get you high but instead it improves the brain health and functionality. Moreover, it is also known to increase the over all health in general. In some countries, the use of medical cannabis is legal and can be infused in food and beverage. There are a number of restaurants globally that are creating beverages with sugar containing CBD.

Buttery cuisines 

Buttery cuisines, due to their fine textures and fine taste are really trendy. Cultured butter is a new trend that is gaining hype. Due to the culturing process undergoes, it has a slightly different acidic taste unlike other normal butters. Also, it has a smooth and creamy texture that adds a new flavor to the regular food items.


Cocktails are one of the most widely known beverages that you will find in every party or event. Speaking of cocktails, the ordinary ones are being revolutionized by new loaded ones. This means that the cocktails are flooded with different ingredients to add a different taste to each one. They are decorated with over the top garnishes that are replacing the standard lime wedges. The glasses are filled in with fruity flavors to give a unique taste.

More fermented food and beverage

Besides the fermented drinks and regular fermented food items, the greens are now being fermented too. The turnip greens are fermented and are a new addition to the fermentation process. Fermented mushrooms are also another part of this new food and beverage trend. People like fermented food better as it is the traditional steps like pickling and preserving unlike the processing steps. They are known to be gut friendly and full of probiotics and different flavors. Fermented foods are not popular solely because of the flavor but also because people now have come around the idea that fermented food and beverage contain bacteria that is healthy.

Meaty food items

The technological advancements are trying to bring about a change by preparing alternative for meat. This can be symbolized by use of veggies instead of meat for preparing the burger patties. With the focus being on sustainability, the companies are working on ideas that would meet the high demand of taste of meat. People seek the food and beverage items that would meet their demand of protein in a more subtle manner. The change in appetite has caused the popularity of food items that include peas, coconut oil etc. to achieve the same texture as meat.


When mentioning beverages, tea would always be in the popular list. It is not a new trend, but no one expects tea to go out of trend, ever. Majority of people believe that tea is a healthy beverage and everyday this concept brings in customers to the restaurants to have their cup of tea. Tea bring in a strong competition to coffee due to the huge variety of flavors, applications and benefits it carries as a beverage. Ready to drink teas are also trending with matcha, moringa, and sencha being some of the popular kinds.

Bug based foods

Although these have been in the food and beverage industry for quite a while, they are likely and are gaining more popularity this year. The new researches are being done to look for sustainable meat items and the chefs are doing relentless work to bring more protein-based food and beverage items to their menu. Since people are now being more acceptable to new flavors and are always looking to try new things, bug-based foods are not an out of the box cuisine idea now.

These eleven above listed food and beverages have been the star throughout 2019 and some of them might be here to stay forever. Which trending food and beverage item is your favorite?

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