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Select the desired font

Oddly enough, but each font certainly has its own mood. They can be sharp, aggressive, calm, cold and absolutely all possible epithets. First of all, you need to make sure that the font mood matches the goal so that you want to demonstrate on your site. For example, a cheerful rounded font is perfect for decorating a children’s invitation, but it will definitely be redundant on an official letter from the government.

In the world of free fonts the same rules work as in the world of people. After all, opposites attract, right? The same thing can be found in fonts. For example, if you have some dominant font that is causing attention, it would be a great idea to combine it with a non-fuzzy, calm font.

In fact, deciding whether fonts fit together is random. Almost all people simply rely on intuition and their vision, and there is nothing wrong with that. Later, when you live with these thoughts for more than one day, you will begin to notice combinations absolutely everywhere. From banner ads to ice cream packages. And then you will begin to better understand how it all works. Which combinations are better to use, and which are left only in your imagination.

Use visual separation

A good example of visual divisions is newspapers and magazines, without obvious dividing strips the reader always understands which text refers to which picture. They also show us basic knowledge of commonplace things, such as the weight of headings, highlighting lists, and more. Letter spacing, line height, and boldness (and more) will undoubtedly affect what the reader will read first while visiting the page. Also called a design hierarchy. It is present not only in filling the fonts, these are also pictures, these are website caps and in general all the content.

Make sure the context

It is very important to choose the right font for the message of your text. The size of the text should match what is written. It should be easy to read in the size in which it will be displayed, it is especially important to make the small font clear. Of course, not only size plays a role in readability, it is also worth choosing the right font style. Understanding the mood of the text, as mentioned in the first paragraph, plays an equally important role. If you select an aggressive font with sharp angles and serifs for a cute text, it will be hard to read.

You need to decide whether you want to use font styles or stay in the neutral version. Шn some cases, a font that attracts attention is needed, but often a simple font is required for long pieces of text.

Factors such as genre and text history can also influence font choices. Some fonts have stories, and most often they are available to all users. Having studied the history, you will better understand whether this font is suitable for you or not. For example, the title in the book by Abraham Lincoln could well have been taken from the fonts of the great war, with ambitious serifs and a majestic look.

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