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Making Your Move To A New Home Stress Free

As soon as you sign your name on the closing documents of your new home you might feel that the pressure is off. In some cases the pressure has just begun. You might not realize how much stress you’re under until you glance at a calendar and realize your move date is less than a month away and you have an entire family involved. The good news is there are ways to strategically arrange your move so that relocating to a new home can come with as little stress as possible. Here are a few things you can try that will make your move a fun and exciting journey every step of the way.

Get Started Planning
When it is in stoned that you are moving it’s time to get your plans in order. Getting the plan together should take about two weeks. During this time you’ll need to pick up boxes to pack with. Label them based on their contents to make the unpacking process smoother. When you get started packing you will see that you have more stuff than you realized. A lot of the stuff you have probably isn’t getting used. Now is the time to figure out what you really need to bring and what you can sell or get rid of. If you have able body relatives or kids around, you should consider asking for help packing. When you get started early with planning you prevent yourself from leaving anything behind. You will also find that you have more energy than you would when you do rushed last minute packing job.

Decide On A Moving Company
Don’t let the cost of a moving company discourage you. You need a company that is reliable and trustworthy. Take the time to find a company that will keep your stuff safe from breaking. The main items you need protected are any antiques, glassware, and electronics. A solid moving company will have a relationship with an insurance company that guarantees your stuff will be covered if damaged. Get yourself a seasoned moving company that will complete the entire move while you’re relaxing. Ask around to colleagues and friends for a trustworthy referral that they have used.

Make Your Leave Official
Once all the packing is done make sure you leave your old home in the best condition possible. This is especially important if you are selling your home. You don’t want to break anything at the last minute. Consider hiring cleaning companies for things like carpets and other detailed cleaning. Make sure you say bye to your neighbors and get rid of any assumptions for why you’re moving. As for your new home take a look around your new neighborhood and familiarize yourself with where your stores and schools are. Understanding where you’ll need to go will help with the transition and help you get settled in much faster. Don’t forget to change your address. You can look into changing address online if you don’t have time to head to your local post office.

Notify All Important Contacts
Don’t forget to notify important contacts including insurance companies, banks, bills and others. Your mail will be forwarded to you as long as you complete your change of address. It only takes a few clicks to get it taken care of, but in the meantime you can make arrangements with your buyer, neighbor, or landlord to grab any stragglers with your name.

Temporary Storage Can Be Helpful
Sometimes we need a temporary storage for our belongings. Be prepared for this type of situation. You should still have all of your boxes labeled for the easiest transition into your new home. Pick a storage that is ready to take on month-to-month or week-to-week rates. Make sure you’re picking a facility that had the capability to store your items safely and securely. You also want to make sure you’ll have proper access to your belongings when the time comes.

Safely Move Your Pets
Moving dogs or cats can be pretty simple, but if you have fish or birds it can be a little more challenging. To make sure your pets encounter the smoothest move possible you’ll need to pack enough food, keep their records handy, and make sure you get in touch with the new city or county to get information about the necessary licensing and tags.

Be Careful With Your Plants
The move of plants can be hard because you are trying not to lose the potting soil. You won’t spill the dirt if you place your pot in a plastic bag and tie it tight around the plant base. If you have any questions about moving and storing your special plants, check with your local nursery for tips. They can tell you how to keep your greenery healthy and safe until they get to their new place. Check with your storage unit about climate controlled storage if you have to store your plants.

Request Proper Leave From Work
If you plan to stay at your current job, it could be helpful to request leave in enough time to get yourself together. If you request enough leave time ahead of your move you’ll be able to get the move done and then get properly settled into your new home before you head back to work. If you are switching jobs, it is equally as important to give yourself enough time to move and get settled into your new home before you start your new position. Ask your new employer to allow you enough time to give your current employer proper notice, but also the proper time to move. Moving can take additional time when you are moving an entire home to a new state or even to a brand new town. It’s important to research new job prospects to make sure it makes sense to move. Sometimes it’s more economical to stay where we are.

A detailed plan, proper preparation, and assistance in various areas as needed will help your move day turn into a very convenient experience. Take the necessary steps ahead of time and you can find yourself a move day that functions extremely smooth.

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