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How to Style Your Goatee Beard

The goatee beard is an excellent bridge between the moustache and a full beard. It is a perfect style for the men who are ready to commit on maintenance and for the guys whose moustache extends to the chin area. However, if you don’t appear in either of these two cases, it would be prudent to look for a different beard style, such as a stubble.

But if you are sure that goatee beard style will rock you and don’t have issues with maintenance, then welcome on board. To rock your style excellently, you need to do some preparations. So, start by growing your beard to at least 10 mm in length. If you get this beard length, nothing will prevent you from going on.

Step 1. Brush And Cut Your Beard to 10mm.

Using your beard comb attached to a Braun Beard Trimmer, trim your beard on the neck, above the lips and on the cheeks to 10mm length. Pay attention more on trimming the hair on the moustache and chin area. At these areas, you need to step down the cut to 0.5 mm to ensure that the length is even across the entire beard and specifically at the areas you are more concerned about. At this stage, the shape of your goatee may appear a little bit fake, but not worry. The preciseness stage is yet to come. Once all your facial hair is at a reasonable length, you will shape your beards.

Step 2. Don’t Use The Comb, Only Use The Beard Trimmer For An Outline.

At this stage, the beard comb is not needed. The only thing you want to use is the beard trimmer which you should utilise to outline your beard and define your style. Trim slowly, starting at the neck, the parts of the chin and then the upper lip and the cheeks, until you get the right outline for your goatee beard. This second step is entirely about giving your beard required shape before locking down the complete design. At this stage, you should start seeing things coming up now.

Step 3. Use Precision Trimmer To Shape Your Beard.

Now we are going deep to the detail. Start by trimming your hair beginning at the chin all the way to the ear so to achieve nice and clean lines on all two sides of your beard style. Use cautious, gradual and continuous strokes. Trimming the hair away from the hairline is essential since you don’t want to interfere with your beard outline, which will destroy your look you have already completed. This should be done on the right and left sides while double-checking to ensure that the symmetry is maintained on all the sides.

Once both sides are completed and you are happy with them, you can go on and include sharp corners to your beard style. The most straightforward way to achieve this is by employing downward movements. Be extra careful when you reach around the areas where the two sides connect to your moustache and below the chin. Creating bold and clean lines will give your beard style definition, hence get a beard style that is precisely designed.

Step 4. Shave The Facial Hair To Emphasise Your Beard Style.

The next step is to shave your neck, jawline and cheeks. For a smooth shave, you may use Gillette razor or any other brand of razor provided it gives the best results. To start, you need to prepare your skin for the shave. Splash warm water on it and then apply shaving foam. Now, shave against the hair direction until the skin surrounding your goatee is smooth and clean. Ensure that you don’t interfere with the outline of your beard during shaving of the surrounding hair. You definitely need this crisp edge, especially when it comes to this type of beard style.

Step 5. Apply Moisturiser On Your Beard And Face.

Now the process is complete, and you have your beautiful goatee beard style. The next thing is to rinse and apply an alcohol-free moisturiser to protect the skin from post-dryness. After this process, you should maintain it by trimming the beard at least one time every week to maintain its neat look.

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