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Colleges Sponsored by American Government: Enter Easily!

Although education has gone a long way of development over decades and generally became more available, even now, it remains a pressing issue for many young people and their families.

Today, school graduates can apply to any university of their choice regardless of their age, race, needs, and financial situation. Moreover, in the modern world, it seems like everyone has equal chances of being admitted. Then why do so many young people are still hesitating whether to go to college or not?

With the growing availability and quality of education, the competition is getting more intense. Thus, entering the desired facility becomes more challenging. To complicate matters, despite a wide range of available grants and scholarships, the cost of higher education continues to grow. These facts often scare off applicants, as not everyone is up for such a challenge. However, there is a solution! 

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Colleges Sponsored by American Government

Even today, when the price of education is going up, graduates who are tight on a budget still have chances of obtaining a diploma at a good facility. 

Institutions sponsored by the American government are public state colleges and universities. Why should a student consider such facilities over private ones? There are quite a few reasons for that, so let’s look at the key benefits for public colleges:

  • Keeping your spot is easier in a public school. Also, due to the lack of financing, private schools tend to have higher expulsion rates. For example, studying in a college-sponsored by the government, you can occasionally give yourself a break during the studying process and order custom writing – everything will be fine. While you can still turn to professional assistance in a private facility, the policies are much stricter there – even missing a lecture can put you at the risk of being dismissed.
  • Entering public universities is generally easier as they get enough funding for a large number of students.
  • Public colleges often have a more extensive choice of faculties and a more diversified program.
  • Chances of getting scholarships, grants, or financial aid are higher.
  • Tuition fees are lower compared to private universities.

If you haven’t known this yet, in 2018, the Department of Education suffered from a massive budget cut. According to the official resource, the overall budget was $9 billion reduced. It seems like the trend will be prevalent for at least a few years to come.

Due to a large budget cut, colleges and schools had to become more strict and competitive to survive. What does this mean for students? As the funding drops, the tuition fees increase. Colleges offer fewer scholarships and are less likely to provide financial aid to those who need it.

Does this mean that those who can’t afford to pay large sums for education won’t have a chance to obtain a degree? Luckily, the situation is not that bad, and there are still some colleges that manage to benefit from the remaining funding even after the Department’s budget cuts. Consider the following options of top public colleges with the highest funding rates.

John Hopkins University

For several years already, this facility remains the most-funded in the US. Besides, it seems to be giving lots of grants to its students. Numbers are self-telling: in 2015, the budget for design grant and federal research reached $2 billion.

Today, it is one of the universities with the highest support from the government, and it seems like its funding is not likely to decrease any time soon.

University of Washington

For decades, the University of Washington has been considered as one of the best national schools in the US. It offers students excellent quality of education and generous aid. Besides, it is also one of those facilities that are sponsored by the US government. 

In 2017, it’s overall funding reached $1.6 billion. Thus, it is the second institution with the largest federal funding in the US.

University of Southern California

The last place on our top list is deservedly given to this school with its overall budget for grants and contract awards amounting to over $1.5 billion. It is also worth noting that this institution is the home to many grant recipients, as it takes the third place in the list of colleges with the largest number of Pell Grant recipients.

Final Words

Obtaining a degree is still important, especially in today’s fast-paced and constantly changing world. Thus, if you are hesitating whether to apply to a higher educational facility or not, the answer is yes!

Despite high tuition fees and lack of funding, there are still plenty of options that are easier to get in, but not worse than others! 

Hopefully, our list of top schools sponsored by the American government will help you discover available options and choose the right facility to apply to!

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