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Advice for Dating Over 40 and How to Get It Right This Time

Dating is always exciting because regardless of your age, you will still feel like a child and even do childish things. However, at 40, you must have probably dated enough times unless you are about to do it for the second time. The best thing about dating at 40 is that you are mature enough and more prepared to deal with your emotions. However, dating a new person never gets old, and at 40, you might want to keep the following so that you don’t fall off track. You have even heard of older people doing crazy things in the name of love to avoid so much drama, and emotional torture remember that;

At 40 you know what you need exactly

Many people are desperate for devotion to the extent that they make their selves available to any partner that comes their way. Desperation can lead you to make the worse relationship decision because you will be trying so hard to make your partner happy. At this age, the rate of desperation is usually high, although a little too much in ladies. To avoid being desperate, take your time and point out the main characters that you are looking for.

At 40 looks are no longer charming

When growing up, everyone wanted to date the prettiest girl or the most handsome boy in the group only to end up being disappointed in the end. That is because looks and characters are not the same things, and the ugliest of people at times can make your life at 40 to be more comfortable and enjoyable than that prince charming.

Until you meet someone, don’t shut them off

Some men and even women tend to judge someone right from what they find in their social profiles on platforms like This is a big mistake because, on dating sites, not everyone is what they are in real life. You may shut someone before meeting them maybe because of what they do or look like according to their social profiles, but in real life, they are heaven sent to solve your dating issue once and for all. Give everyone a chance to take you out for coffee or a meal and use that time to interact and evaluate them.

Don’t mind the age

Many people at 40 get bitter with their age, and they ultimately get detached from their emotions and love life. We have seen older women or even men getting married to younger partners and still afford to live happily ever after. Many people assume that it is the money that glues these two together, but that is not always the case. At times, love indeed prevails between a young and older person.


Dating at an older age is more fun and exciting because when you were younger, the kind of things that could make you fall in love was stupid. When you hit 40, and you are still single, it does not mean that something is wrong with you. If anything, you stand a chance of finding the best suiter at that age, and you will also know who wants to waste your time.

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