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Massage provides the best quality of comfort to your body. It makes your body parts work more properly. Your comfort is easily increased if you have a comfortable massage table. During the massage, the therapists focus upon the pressure points of the body. Pressing the pressure point to provide effective calmness and comfort to your body. Other than a good therapist, a thing that is very important during a massage is a comfortable massage table.


Here we’ll discuss some types of massages with their effectiveness on different parts of your body.


It is a complete body massage. It removes muscles knots in your body. Also, it is recommended if you are looking for full-body relaxation. This massage is for people who are new to massage, have a lot of work pressure and tension in life. Moreover, the person is covered in a sheet during the massage when lying on the table.

Hand strokes are given in heart direction. Also, pressured circular motions, tapping, and joint movement techniques are also applied. The complete Swedish massage takes one or one and a half hour approximately.


Short on natural energy? Then you must go for reflexology. It revives and increases the natural energies in you. If you don’t like much touching on your body, then it is ideal for you. Only, using the pressure points of your ears hands and feet it can provide a high comfort level to your body. Moreover, during this massage, you can wear loose, easy clothes. This massage lasts for half an hour.


Do you go to the gym daily? Your muscles must hurt, don’t they? The hot stone massage is the ultimate solution for gym people. It mainly focuses upon people have muscle pain, but it is also for people who have a lot of work burden and want relaxation instantly.

It is somehow similar to Swedish massage, as it is also full body massage. The only difference between hot stone massage and Swedish massage is that hot stone massage uses heated stone instead of hands. Not only hot stones but sometimes cold stones are also used. One very chief importance of the massage is that it improves your blood flow. Its duration is approx. 90 minutes.

  1. SPORTS:

As indicated from the name it recommended for sportspeople. However, it is also for people that are very open to muscle damages and injuries. Also, it is essential if you have body pain, no matter what is its cause.

The best part of the massage is that you’re given a choice i.e. either you want a full body or injured a part of the body. Moreover, for this massage, you need to wear thin and loose clothes so that your pressure points can be accessed easily. Sports massage is done for almost one hour.


Shiatsu is a Japanese massage. Shiatsu is a Japanese word which means finger pressure in English. What makes it different from the above others, is the ability to overcome physical as well as emotional wounds. It provides you the strength to overcome anxiety and depression. It is a full-body massage however, some parts are provided extra attention. Shiatsu lasts for not more than 90 minutes.

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