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4 Tips for Protecting Yourself from Trucking Accidents

As the driver of an 18-wheeler, you hold a very important Commercial Driver’s License, and one of the things that probably worries you most is being involved in an accident. Not only could you be injured, but chances are that you could sustain serious financial losses as well. Whether at fault or not, those losses can quickly add up, and if you are found to be at-fault, it could put an end to your career in some of the more extreme cases. Yes, a winning Houston truck collision attorney can usually help mitigate your losses, but why suffer them at all? Prevention goes a very long way.

1. Never Drive Tired

One of the most amazing features on so many rigs today is sleeper cabins! Why drive tired when there is every chance you could fall asleep at the wheel? Yes, that’s worst case scenario, but when tired, you aren’t totally aware of the road. Animals jumping into your path or other vehicles changing lanes incorrectly and driving erratically can be a constant danger. Stay alert and never drive tired.

2. Even One Beer Is One Too Many

You might think that one beer has such a minute amount of alcohol that it couldn’t possibly affect your driving, but you’d be surprised! While you’re not intoxicated, having even one beer can dull your senses just enough that your response time is slower. One beer is one too many, and if given a breathalyzer, you’ll know why! That officer probably smelled it on your breath, and while you may not be over the legal limit, that information willbe noted in their report! Why take the chance?

3. Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Always stay alert. It’s nice to have that CB radio or a mobile device with you, but distracted driving is the most common cause of accidents on the road today, so keep your eyes on the road at all times. If the phone rings, don’t answer it unless you have a hands-free device. Otherwise, pull off the road if you really need to answer. Stay alert at all times. 

4. Be Aware of Local Traffic and Weather Conditions

It is sheer lunacy to try to drive in bad weather. Always keep up with weather conditions on the road ahead. Many drivers have weather programmed into their mobile phones so that they are given warnings and weather alerts in areas through which they will be driving. Most often, you will be following the same routes, so it isn’t difficult to get weather statements programmed into your phone for those locations. Time is important, but accident avoidance is even more so. Be aware of any local traffic and weather so that you can pull off the road or find alternate routes if available.

These are just 4 tips on protecting yourself from trucking accidents. There are so many more, but these are the biggest issues known to be the ultimate causes of trucking accidents in almost every state. Stay alert, and never assume you know what the other driver will do. Remember the old adage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That should be a trucker’s motto!

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