What If Mass Shootings Were Politically Contrived and Spawned?

Nidal Hasan – “I am a Soldier of Allah.”

Don’t words and actions have consequences anymore? If America is ever going to find ‘real’ solutions to terrorism, shouldn’t we investigate ‘realistic’ probabilities and only focus upon truth and facts?

Can we begin our efforts by asking the following questions?

  1. Where does the foundation to domestic terrorism begin?
  2. Shouldn’t we question where the terrorists obtain their intel?
  3. Where does their funding come from?
  4. Is there any link between terrorists and America’s intel agencies?
  5. Is there any link between terrorists and America’s political parties – other than affiliations?
  6. Is the Democrat Party scaring people by proclaiming false rumors such as global warming hoax, gloom and doom, and the like to make people act illegally?
  7. Is America’s educational system complicit?
  8. Shouldn’t anyone aware of a terrorist’s thoughts and plans be prosecuted as accomplices just as would any other crime?
  9. Shouldn’t we have laws stipulating that terrorists receive the death penalty within no more than three months beyond the date of the crime?
  10. Shouldn’t all members of the terrorist family be forced to stand in front of the court during a terrorist trial?
  11. Shouldn’t films, events, and games promoting violence and terrorism be regulated and held legally liable for any linked terrorist act?
  12. Shouldn’t child sex trafficking be prosecuted and enforced at our US Borders?
  13. Are there issues of hostility generated when Democrats favor illegals over US Citizens?
  14. Does the Democrat view of abortion degrade life?
  15. Shouldn’t any person or organization (especially politicians) receiving money because of the crime forfeit those funds as compensation to all victim families?
  16. Shouldn’t America require every student to be instructed in the US Constitution, America’s Founding, and how Judeo-Christian values bind our unity?
  17. What is the real benefit for Socialist Democrats to demand Americans be disarmed?

It’s so easy for politicians to duck and run to the floor of the House and pass inanimate object prohibitions and/or restrictions rather than addressing reality. More so, let’s understand the ‘dirty facts’ about mass shootings since they are a major blessing for Democrats so they can raise millions of dollars.

Today, we need to wake up and accept the reality that terrorism is nothing more than a very corrupt system that is never taken seriously but appears to be nothing more than another opportunity for those making a living on tragedy! No sane person would ever believe punishing law-abiding citizens will ever be a successful resolution?

How insane must one be to suppose any inanimate object causes harm to people? If that’s true, then why not ban ‘steering wheels’ and ‘penises?’

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data shows 37,461 people were killed in 34,436 motor vehicle crashes, an average of 102 per day in 2016. Has anyone heard of politicians running to the floor of the House to demand legislation to ban steering wheels?

How is it possible that Americans falsely ‘believe’ gun crimes are on the increase when in actuality they are dropping by double digit amounts? Does the American press and Democrats intentionally mislead us and blame all crimes on guns?

In contrast, there were 340 mass shootings in the US in 2018, according to very liberal resources. Even if close to being accurate, shouldn’t we research facts about guns?

If we apply this illogic to rape attacks, then we can prohibit rape by having legislation to restrict or have extensive background checks on all penises – not men, right? Oops, what about men who are raped by women? Oh well, we shouldn’t get too technical in keeping with today’s PC society!

According to the FBI, 1,604 people were killed by “knives and cutting instruments” while 374 were killed by “rifles.” Again, do we hear politicians running to the House floor to promote legislation to take away knives and/or even to regulate them?

Ever try to run a restaurant or kitchen without knives? Of course not, so politicians must never go there, right?

The point being is that politicians have lost their way and only search for solutions that increase their power and wealth. There is none other acceptable reason known to mankind for any adult to act the way politicians do.

These are very ill people and we need some way to force intercession, incarcerate, and treat them in hope of restoring their sanity. Unless we do this, America is never going to heal or move forward with ‘real’ issues that matter to all Americans.

Democrats are openly affirming that breaking US law is not an issue for them. They have confirmed taking money from US citizens to give to illegals is a major need and pass legislation to do so.

Democrats openly support the KKK, Black Panthers, Antifa, White Supremacist, and every other ‘gang’ or ‘hoodlum’ imaginable. Democrat ran cities are busting open with crime, but they don’t care about their own people.

Democrats openly supported the murder of law enforcement and first responders. Democrats openly support a Presidential coup to overthrow a duly elected President.

Yes, these are real issues needing to be addressed – not more gun laws. Words and actions have consequence.

We must first demand Democrats shut down hate speech by convicting and prosecuting those involved within major centers of public influence such as Hollywood, Athletics, Media, Organizations, and of course Congress! How does promoting the decapitation of President Trump’s youngest son help anything?

How can anyone explain why promoting gun violence in Ohio and Texas address more severe gun violence in Chicago and Baltimore happening on a routine basis? Are we to believe there are certain degrees of gun violence covered while others are ignored?

Does anyone notice there is no press and Democrat promotions of gun violence caused by illegal aliens? Of course not, because they want illegal aliens to have access to America without any justification to be charged with any crimes!

Yep, who would oppose the Democrat Party’s demand to have this sort of insanity stop? The little-known secret is they never want them to stop!

Their actions contradict their words, right? Somehow, America must force Democrats to leave their ‘la-la-land’ safe-space and join the real world searching for truth and fact to finally resolve this issue!

John 8:31-32 Then said Jesus to those who believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

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Amanda Alverez

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