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‘Washington going to grind me into dust’: Former Overstock CEO Explains Sudden Resignation Amid “Deep State” Controversy

In his first interview since resigning, former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne told host David Asman on FOX Business Network’s (FBN) Bulls & Bears(5-6PM/ET) that he resigned to protect the company from the wrath of the “Washington apparatus.”

Byrne said it was important to resign from because he believes that the Washington “apparatus” is going to come after him for coming forward about a deep state plot to spy on several politicians.

“I have to because I’ve been warned that if I come forward to America that the apparatus of Washington is going to grind me into dust,” he told Asman. “And that’s going to happen and I have to get that away from the company, it’s only right.”

Byrne pointed to Peter Strzok and three unnamed officials who he believes were conspiring to spy on Clinton, Rubio, Cruz and Trump.

” I only figured out last summer who had sent me these requests was a guy named Peter Strock and he was doing it on behalf of three officials,” Byrne said. “And as I’ve put together things, I know much more than I should know and is right to keep silent.”

“The bottom line is, the big cover-up, there was political espionage conducted against Hillary Clinton – against Hillary Clinton, Marc Rubio, Cruz and Donald Trump. And this isn’t a theory of mine, this isn’t a political position, I was in the room when it happened, I was part of it. I thought I was doing law enforcement.”

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One Comment

  1. “And the walls came tumbling down”… will the body count rise? This revelation must have “those involved” scattering for cover like cockroaches when the light goes on!!

    Dare we hope that anyone actually be held accountable & face the consequences? I suspect not. Perhaps when all is said and done the ‘real’ Democrats will stand up and take their party back.

    I found the word “apparatus” rather interesting and it certainly provoked my imagination just ‘who’ it included. Byrne seemed to be rather unhinged at times trying to avoid names or saying too much. Wonder what Durham thought of his appearance?

    Seems this train is starting to move….gonna be an interesting ride

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