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Top Mens Hairstyles In 2019

The mens hairstyles have been faced by men controversies. For instance, in the last few days, we have been seen the reign of an undercut. But now things are different, and men don’t see it as trendy as it used to be. We are plainly witnessing a resurgence of retro mens haircuts. For instance, we all witnessed the rise and fall of a roller-coaster and a man bun. So, what do we expect to get now and in the future, and will there be a particular hairstyle for men that will reign for years?

Well, there are many hairstyles for men, and everyday barbers are taking these styles to a different new level. Whether these mens hairstyles will reign for years or not, will depend on whether they are regularly updated to include the latest styles or not. Here are some looks we think will beat the test of time and remain relevant for many years to come.

  1. Skin Fade with A Part.

While many men have been rocking a skin fade for many years, it is becoming more and more popular among many thanks to many changes which have been incorporated into it. A skin fade means the manes are melted down to the skin. As the means approach the neck, there is less remaining until it is bearskin.

A skin fade offers you a neat and polished look. It is the best style for men with wavy or straight hair. It also looks great when paired with the other styles.

  1. Skin Fade with Pompadour.

Pompadour is one of the oldest mens hairstyles, and recently, it is getting more and more attention. There are more variations available, and in 2019, you are likely to see more come up.

The skin fade with a pompadour is one of the cutest contemporary take of the classic pompadour, and without a doubt, it is dapper. You can give it a less or more dramatic look depending on how you want to style it, and both look great on different occasions.

If you need an ultra-short fade, tell your barber to utilise 2 or 3 on the sides of the fade. If he uses anything longer than this, you will not get the look you need. He should leave some length on the top, but the length will depend on what you want. However, two or three inches is the recommended benchmark.

  1. Textured Quiff.

Unquestionably, the quiff has been the top choice for men’s hairstyles, especially for fashionable men. It was overtaken sometime in 2017 by pompadours and undercuts, but it later re-emerged as a trendsetter this year. This haircut is all about playing with texture.

The trick is that the modern textured quiff appears fuller and sassy compared to the regular quiff. In the future, we expect styles of quiff matched with skin fades to create a contemporary and a super contrast style that will soon steal the hearts of men.

  1. Natural Texture.

Of all the modern mens hairstyles, natural texture style is one of the most exciting and unexpected style in 2019. This haircut demands stellar cut by a professional stylist. However, it doesn’t need a lot of styling, and it appears tidier, and flatter version of the ‘wake-and-go’ style.

The trick is to create layers in order to boost the natural texture and volume of your hair. To get this, spray your hair using a blow-dry spray and blow dry it. For excellent finishing, apply light oil spray, but be keen not to interfere with the natural composure of the hair.

  1. Man Bob.

This is among some of the most elusive mens hairstyles in 2019. We don’t know when it will become trendy and take over the other hairstyles for men, but we are confident that it will remain relevant for many years. It is a controversial but typical style that is gradually gaining popularity among men.

This hairstyle is worn long, normally elongated enough such that it goes past the chin. This gives you a long hairstyle, but it is not so much extended to make it hard to deal with. It is a statement hairstyle for Kurt Cobain. It is the best style for dudes with straight and long hair.

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