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TOP 5 countries for dental vacations in Europe

Summer is a perfect time to take your bag and spend your vacation discovering Europe. At the same time, our busy schedule leaves us not much space for worry-free adventures. More and more people combine leisure with healthcare services. Among the latest trends — dental vacations. As the Prague Post Magazine reports, this type of medical tourism has been rising by 15% per year! And the economic factor is the most determining one as dental care is a pricey treat.

So what are the top destinations? Let’s find out.

No.1 destination — Hungary

Some experts consider Hungary the dental queen of Europe. Every year

Canadians, Americans Swiss, Swedish, German, and Irish people visit Hungary to have dental procedures and save up to 67%. For instance, the cost of dental implants in Hungary is between $478 (for a single dental implant) and $7,900 (for All-on-6 dental implants system). While in the USA the same procedures are between $2,138 and $16,999 correspondingly.

This price policy within local dental clinics is supported by the government, which creates all the condition to boost dental tourism development.

Hungarian dental clinics belong to the world’s best dental facilities employing experienced and skillful professionals. They offer a minimum 2-year warranty for work done and lifelong for dental implants, special dental packages with discounts, tax relief, and reimbursement for flights.

Tourists can easily reach the country with low-cost airlines, they can explore Budapest with stunning architecture, thermal baths, and nightclubs. The city is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

No.2 destination — Poland

Poland is a top choice for citizens of the UK, Belgium, and Switzerland.

The cost of dental services is 40-50% lower than in these countries. Just count how much you can save if the wisdom tooth extraction in the UK costs from $250 and in Polish clinics only $55 + a round flight ticket (around $20) and some out-of-pocket expenses.

At the same time, most dental clinics have innovative systems as CEREC, which provides you with a brilliant smile only within 2 hours. They offer proprietary programs for foreigners, have national and international certificates ensuring the quality of services. Among them are the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, International Congress of Oral Implantologists, the Norwegian Knowledge Center for Health Services and lots of more.

Unlike Hungary with a dental hub in Budapest, dental centers in Poland dispersed in various cities — Warsaw, Katowice, Wroclaw, Krakow, Gdansk. Tourists enjoy a rich history of these places, UNESCO heritage, shopping, and spa procedure additionally to dentistry.

No.3 destination — The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a top dental choice for people from Germany, Austria, and Denmark. The reason is also significant cost-cutting for dental care. A ceramic crown in the Czech dental clinic starts from $410 when in the Danish — from $745.

The local tooth experts have high standards of treatment regulated by the Czech Dental Chamber. Dentists have regular overseas trainees and certifications of leading dental institutions.

Besides, the country remains a popular travel place. In 2018, 10.6M foreigners visited Czechia to explore medieval sights, magnificent castles, try delicious cuisine with hundreds of beers.

No.4 destination — Ukraine

Ukraine has been featured as a place for dental vacations not so long ago. People from the USA, Canada, and Italy choose Ukrainian dentistry to save up to 80%.

For example, you may get porcelain veneers in the USA for somewhere between $925 and $2,500 per tooth while in Ukraine it’s about $200-400.

After Ukraine obtained visa-free access to the Schengen states in 2017, it’s been much easier to get the country which is located in the heart of Europe. Moreover, the country is considered as one of the most lovely countries in Eastern Europe.

No. 5 destination — Spain

German, French, and British citizens visit Spanish dental clinics. They also are looking for more reasonable prices and advanced techniques especially in radiodiagnosis, implantology, and orthodontics.

The bone grafting cost in Spain is starting at $112 while in France — at $672.

Among the most demanded cities are Alicante, Balearic and Canary Islands. Local dental facilities also offer to combine dental services with wellness procedures or spend several days at the seashore.

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