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Red-Flag Gun Control Warnings, Really?

  Red-Flag Warnings, Really?If you live in a Democrat controlled stronghold like California, ‘fake’ red-flag warnings are a daily – even multi-daily event. When will some entrepreneur eventually make a profitable business based upon Democrat ‘fake’ red-flag warnings?

You see, Democrats believe they must drive the daily media agendas to force people’s attention away from real crisis issues they either haven’t the intelligence to address or prefer to avoid. The result is 90% of the ‘real’ problems facing society is never addressed.

Every morning, the Democrat Town Crier posts the ‘major crisis of the day’ such as plastic straws, beetles, global warming hoax, green energy, Black reparations, more illegals needed, free education, stop ICE agents, hide criminal illegals, free medical care for illegals, more gun control, more ammunition control, plastic bags, fossil fuels, and the list goes on and on. It’s deafening and so disingenuous!

Meanwhile, Democrats are quietly stepping around or over garbage strewn everywhere, rodents, dead bodies in the streets, drug needles on the sidewalks, tents on public property, human feces, people drugged out, spreading contagious diseases, prostitution, child sex rings, pedophilia, illegal drugs, illegal aliens, sex slavery, and the like.

So, what is it about Democrats that manufacture such an awful deranged mental attitude? When any politician focuses upon only 10% of today’s issues plaguing our societies, there must be lots of money and power gained to appease their conscious, right?

If it was happening in only one Democrat city, we might question the veracity of the people in charge. However, it’s not just one but ‘all’ Democrat run cities.

This fact forces one to the only logical conclusion that it’s endemic within the Democrat Party. In other words, their platform, foundation, or whatever we might call their ‘marching orders’ are totally outside of civilized human behaviors.

Yes, it’s so easy to sluff off the problem by noting Democrats are consumed by TDS (Trump Deranged Syndrome). The bigger point is do we just stop our investigation with this diagnosis, or do we dive into their multiple mental illnesses?

Rest assured, it is easy to prove Democrats are mostly liars, never do what they claim, and can’t operate in full transparency. We can further conclude they hate America, the US Constitution, the Military, Police, Border Security, President Trump, and Trump supporters.

So, what good ever comes from hate? Why wouldn’t Democrats prefer to be a part of the great American success story? It must be a part of their DNA, right?

Yep, it’s so perplexing, isn’t it? On the one hand, Democrats want us to believe they are the bastion of goodness, love, and caring; their actions expose only evil and deranged schemes where they get wealthy and powerful while citizens are screwed!

Even worse is watching Republicans fall for their schemes by making every attempt to appease their drums. Unfortunately, history teaches us when Republicans give Democrats an inch, Democrats take a mile!

It’s shameful to watch any Republican seriously accept any Democrat scheme. There’s an old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!” They never learn.

Does anyone in their right mind believe we need more gun legislation on top of the volumes already in existence? Yet, Democrats and their sycophant media talking point is about more gun control laws dubbed as “Red-flag Warnings!” Really?

In order to have a sane debate about gun laws, shouldn’t it begin with two facts: 1) guns never kill people, but it is deranged people that commit murder, and 2) law-abiding citizens must be exempted from any gun laws since they are protected by the US Constitution.

Of course, for Democrats it’s only about taking guns away from ‘law-abiding’ citizens. Ever hear of “Kate’s Law” – a legislative proposal to keep guns out of the hands of illegal aliens that Democrats overwhelmingly defeated? It proves Democrats support ‘illegal gun use’ but not ‘legal’ gun use.

Next they say we must do something about the mass shootings in America. However, 99.9% of them are created by Democrat activists. Why can’t the Democrats control their own members without more gun laws on everyone else?

Consequently, if I were a Republican, I would immediately jump on their bandwagon and say we will help you pass the ‘red-flag warning’ legislation but this is how we will do it: we will add two (2) more check-offs on the background search forms and if either is checked yes, guns will be denied…

  1. Are you a Democrat? __ yes __ no
  2. Are you a member of the Mainstream media? __ yes __ no

Mass shooting gun law issue resolved and end of the story, right? Just in case anyone slips through the cracks, finalize this issue by making it illegal for any politician to solicit money from mass shootings.

Instead, the Democrats want this red-flag law so they can turn law-abiding citizens into criminals. After all, their plan is to only have anyone call the police and ‘turn in’ anyone they ‘think’ is a threat undermining our Constitutional right to due process.

Imagine the blackmail and out-right schemes that could be hatched by PETA, Planned Parenthood, homosexuals, the DNC, prosecutors, defendant legal teams, and x-wives with this Democrat proposed illegal legislation? They would go after every Republican until America is totally unarmed and that is their real goal!

If anyone believes the Democrat’s red-flag gun law is about stopping mass shootings, you are as mentally ill as they are! Stop being fooled, Democrats have nothing good intended!

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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