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How to pursue a career as a criminal lawyer

If you share the passion of helping people seek the protection of their rights as citizens or individuals, then you just might consider pursuing a career as a Virginia beach criminal defense lawyer.

Lawyers represent clients in criminal or civil cases, such as attorneys for plaintiffs in civil proceedings, prosecutors representing government or defense counsels for defendants in criminal proceedings.

The role of a lawyer is vital in maintaining the balance of law, especially when they shoulder the responsibility of upholding and protecting the law for those who need it. In fact, a lot of famous people started out with a career in law such as former US presidents Franklin Roosevelt, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.

Who knows, you just might have the chance to become one of the best criminal lawyers in Virginia.

But how could one pursue a career in law? Here are the basic steps on how to get started to become a Virginia Beach criminal defense lawyer.

The basic requirements for a law degree are;

  • Complete a bachelor’s degree as a pre-law course requirement on any subject. However, having a good foundation for the law are subjects such as social and political sciences, accountancy, and liberal arts, just to name a few.
  • Pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), which is a standard admission test for those wanting to pursue a career in the law profession.
  • Enroll in a law school to earn a post-graduate Juris Doctor (JD) degree as a requirement for the practice of law. Although not required, you may apply for an internship at a law firm for the experience.
  • Pass the state’s Bar Examination for a license to practice law
  • You may then apply at an established law firm to become a lawyer or you may start your own private practice.

Practically, most lawyers start their hands-on law training by being assigned in law clinics such as non-profit organizations to help them get real-world experience in legal circumstances and situations. Many law students are given the opportunity to provide legal advice to clients under supervision by assigned mentors, draft and present motions, communicate with opposing legal counsel, assist in the investigation of cases, etc.

Other states require new lawyers to undergo state-required training in order to secure their professional license and practice law in a professional capacity.

A candidate wanting to practice as a criminal lawyer needs to subject oneself to focus on criminal law and must resolve to possess the qualities of a passionate desire for justice and peace, which can sometimes be very challenging and daunting compared to other legal categories.

One needs to have strong written and oral communication skills, an eye for detail and good public speaking abilities, along with a great deal of patience and empathy even in the most stressful and emotional situations.

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