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10 Pro Tips for Your Next Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

Best designs for all parts of the house are definitely what all of us look for today. Gone are the days when bathrooms used to look plain and boring while offering their full functionality. Today, homeowners settle for bathroom spaces that look as good as they function.

If you are thinking about that next bathroom remodel and have to keep your budget in check, you can still go for some amazing options. We have some of the best budget bathroom remodel ideas that can work charms for you.

Here are some of them in more detail:

1: Start with Waterproof Bathroom Wallpapers

Tiles are expensive. Especially good ones have gotten to a point that they are no longer affordable for many of us. However, you do not have to use these expensive tiles all the time in your modern bathrooms. There are some other solid options available as well.

Waterproof bathroom wallpapers are now available that emulate the aesthetic of real tiles. You would know that they are not actual ceramic tiles but will forget this in a few weeks. Looking at them, it’s hard to tell them apart from real times especially when you get high quality tile wallpapers.

2: Restore Your Old Bathroom Wall Mirror

Bathroom wall mirrors are must haves in any sort of design setting. You necessarily need a vanity mirror in all modern bathrooms. If you have an old one that is still in good enough shape, restoring it can be very economical. This budget friendly idea will need some DIY skills and crafting expertise though.

Ideally, you’d want to repaint the whole mirror frame. If you have a metallic frame, go with powder coating but have the mirror removed from its center first. If you have a broken mirror, it can be replaced to bring that old frame to its former glory. Easy, budget friendly and efficient, this one has it all.

3: Repaint and Redo the Vanity Area

Having done the mirror, next you come to the vanity section. When you are on a budget, affording a new vanity cabinet might not be the best option you have. Yet, you can make that old one good again. Rub it down with sand paper first and then apply a layer of primer and then go on repainting it.

This repainting job with a layer of primer should keep it safe from all the water exposure in the long-term. All the tools and materials for this job are available at cheap prices as well. You will save a fortune while having a new look vanity at the same time.

4: Give a Perfect Twist on the Lighting

Lighting for the bathroom is of paramount importance. As there are so many surfaces, tiles, wallpapers, faucets and other things going in, lighting becomes even more important. In fact, lighting and how its structured is more important in the bathroom than many other rooms of the house.

Hanging lightings in the bathrooms can work great. But you have to combine more than one styles of it. Hanging lights for the open bathroom area with fixed ceiling lights for the shower enclosure work great. Vanity section needs special attention as well. Warm lighting is often the best pick for bathrooms.

5: Install New Tempered Glass Windows

Bathroom windows are significant as well. They will let in all the light while keeping privacy at the same time. Now you have the options for windows made from tempered glass. These tempered glass sheets are very durable and also available at affordable prices.

Also, you can now get tinted tempered glass windows with options for frosted glass as well. Any of these options play well for long lasting and privacy at the same time. Their prices are also much lesser than laminated glass sheets and many other types of glass.

6: Powder Coating for Your Bathroom Fixtures

Bathrooms are no longer accepted in boring and plain colors or designs. For all the accents in your modern bathrooms, powder coating many fixtures can do the trick. Powder coating is another DIY project that is easy and budget friendly. You will be concentrating on all small to medium sized items.

Faucets, handles, towel hangers, bins and everything that is basically metallic, can be powder coated. You can also choose any color for this powder coating extravaganza. Adding this bit of color for accents will play well for the variety in your modern bathrooms.

7: Replace Only the Broken Tiles

If wallpapers don’t float your boat, you got to have tiles. When you have some broken tiles, a proper budget treatment is to replace on those broken ones. Replacing just a few tiles out of all your walls or floor ones can be a bit tricky.

When you are on a budget and have to consider how much you can spend, this can be a good project on hand. You must take out the broken ones without breaking off any adjacent ones. Newer ones can be put in their place without having to spend too much.

8: Bring Art to Your Shower Doors and Enclosures

Artistic bathrooms are must have ones for the design centric. You don’t have to place large art pieces or sculptures on your bathroom walls or surfaces to get that. Simply, artistic glass for the shower doors and enclosures can do the trick perfectly.

Glass panels with artistic inner laid designs are available today. Glass manufacturers have found new ways of implanting designs into the inner layers of their sheets. You now have options for beautifully designed glass pieces that look artistic from every side.

9: Try an Open Bathroom Shower

When remodeling your bathroom, shower enclosure can be the biggest expense. You can also make do without it completely. An open shower is also quite the trend when you do it right. This would only applicable on ground floor bathrooms however as water can seep below in higher bathrooms.

Simply install a beautiful shower in the middle or side of your bathroom and enjoy it without an enclosure. Bigger bathrooms make use of this open shower idea best as well. You will have all the space you need to do all the showering stuff in. Be sure to have a cabinet near it to place all your stuff.

10: Bit of Color Mixing Doesn’t Hurt

Another budget friendly idea is to add bit of color everywhere in any bathroom. Colorful items like faucets, bins, handles, towel hangers etc. can be used. When you add color in any bathroom, overall aesthetic appeal gets boosted as well.

All these items will be installed anyways. Going colorful with them doesn’t add any cost at all as all manufacturers offer different colors of them. At the end, you will stay within your budget and yet have beautifully finished bathroom remodeling too.

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  1. Bathroom remodels are a great way to transform your regular run-of-the-mill bathroom into a private sanctuary. Picking your personal touches makes it a perfect fit for you. If you have had a long hard day, what would be better than retreating for a long soak in the bathtub in your beautifully remodeled bathroom.

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