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Top 8 Uses Of Truffle Oil in Cooking

Truffle oil has been quickly becoming highly popular among people to add more flavors to multiple dishes. It is the main modern special ingredient that is now used to add more taste to many dishes.

First of all, let’s talk about truffles only. Truffles are basically a fungus-like mushroom that grows in wild forests. Truffles are highly used in France, Italy, Spain, Greek, and Middle East cooking.

However, truffle oil is mainly used as finishing oil mostly in pasta, pizza, truffle fries, and mashed potatoes. Many people claim that commercially produced truffle oil is much better and long-lasting than naturally extracted oil with traditional methods.

You can also make homemade truffle oil with Italian olive oil. Or you can also buy good-quality white truffle olive oil from any good Italian store.

Check out the top 8 uses of truffle oil:

1. Add more Enrichment to Fresh Truffles

Truffles are a rare delight that is known for their rich taste and extensive health benefits. To bring more boosts to their flavor and aroma, you can put white or black truffle oil over them. Just make sure to use fresh truffle slices to enjoy their true and authentic taste. If you like mild flavors then use summer truffles and burgundy truffles instead of white truffles.

2. Make Truffle Oil Vinaigrette

Make your salad more delicious and scrumptious by drizzling truffle oil vinaigrette over it. It is very easy and simple to make for anyone at home. Just simply mix olive oil, lemon juice, pepper, salt, Dijon mustard with two tablespoons of truffle oil. Make a fresh salad of mushrooms, hard cheese, meat, and summer truffles. Then, put this truffle oil vinaigrette over the salad to make it tastier.

3. Pizza with Truffle Oil

Pizza is the favorite dish of many people around the world. Use of olive on the top of pizza is very common but to add more aroma of to your pizza, you can put some drops of truffle oil with olive oil to pizza crust. This will take that normal and regular pizza to a whole new level of taste. Just give it a try!

4. Eggs and Truffle Oil

The combination of eggs and truffle oil is always best and never fail to excite the taste buds of egg lovers. Just the addition of a tablespoon of truffle oil on egg omelette or scrambled egg will do the magic in its taste. You can also use fresh truffles with scrambled eggs but there is nothing like the combination of eggs and truffle oil.

5. Use with Vegetables and Wild Mushrooms

Truffle oil works well with many types of vegetable sweet potato, cauliflower, asparagus, corn, yams, and wild mushrooms as well. You can enhance the flavor of wild mushroom risotto, mushroom ragout, creamy mushroom soup, and mushroom polenta with truffle oil.

6. Truffle Snacks

Another great way to use truffle oil is to use it with your evening snack time recipes. Drizzle truffle oil over popcorns, French fries, and potato chips with salt to enjoy the best flavor.

7. Finish Lamb and Fish with Truffle Oil

You can also add truffle oil to many types of meat dishes. Just simply put two-three tablespoons of truffle oil over lamb or fish to add more enrichment to their taste.

8. Beef Carpacio

Without any doubt, the combination of beef with truffle oil is undeniable. Just put shaved Parmesan, lemon, greens, and olive oil on the beef with truffle oil and your heavenly dish is ready. For a real treat, you can also add burgundy truffles, white truffles, and summer truffles to the beef Carpacio.

On the Ending Note

You can do your own experiments with your many other different dishes by putting white truffle olive oil in them. It is all up to your level of creativity and choice of taste. However, all the above-mentioned uses of truffle oil work best with Italian olive oil.

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