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Top 10 Most Popular Items Sold Online in 2018

Consumerism can be characterized by a fluctuating nature. The items you might have been interested in purchasing a couple of years back, might no longer be on your mind now, so ecommerce shopping trends naturally change with each year that passes. But what exactly has been purchased most frequently in 2018? Which were the products that consumers seem to can’t live without?

Here are the top most popular items sold in 2018:

  1. Smartphones

Smartphones still stand at the top of the list in 2018 as well. Gadgets and tech products are still constantly sought after both in the online and the offline, and mobiles remain the most targeted item here. If you love technology yourself, you probably also seek to upgrade your smartphone regularly, as new versions are brought into the market. Although shoppers’ preferences vary here, Samsung and Apple are still the most popular and widely purchased smartphone brands. The number of mobile buyers is steadily increasing with each passing year.

  1. Men’s watches

When it comes to men’s accessories, watches have taken a winning standpoint, being the most targeted item in the online environment. According to top online searches, this item has increased in sale appeal during 2018. Whether you want to buy a gift for a male friend during the holiday, or you want a great watch for yourself, the market stands at your disposal with a wide variety of options, and the variety provided is probably one of the reasons why an increase in sales has been observed in this department in 2018.

  1. Smartwatches

While not as popular as traditional men’s watches or smartphones, considering the blend between traditional accessory styles and technology, you can understand why smartwatches have made it in this top. In 2018, these items have continuously trended upwards, and the odds are their popularity will only increase in the upcoming years. Including features that range from sound recorders and built in cameras to sleep monitor and calendars, smartwatches incorporate various high-tech characteristics that can make your life easier.

  1. Athleisure

The fashion industry is constantly evolving and changing, but one trend that has recently reached popularity and seems to be here to stay is athleisure. Because this type of style gives you the possibility to choose comfy active wear as an everyday street look, it’s understandable why it has drawn so much attention. From sweatpants and leggings to capris and tank tops, there is a wide variety of items that fall within this fashion category, and with a simple search online, you will come across all of your must-wants easily. This fashion niche has reached impressive heights in 2018 and products are purchased and advertised regularly.

  1. Smart kitchen appliances

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home, and due to how frequently you use this area in your house, you probably want to have at your disposal useful appliances and accessories. Thanks to technology, various elements have been developed that make cooking easier and more pleasant. You can now stumble upon an impressive variety of smart kitchen appliance in any related store, and if you take into account the boost in sales noticed here, it seems like homeowners have embraced kitchen technology trends.

  1. Travel accessories

People love to travel, and considering the high demands in this department, products have been brought into the market that can make your trips more convenient. Travel accessories demands have increased with the rise of so-called digital nomads, and as Google search trends indicate, all items travel-related are benefiting from appealing consumerism popularity. Any item that can be considered a travel accessory has made great sales in 2018.

  1. Lawn furniture and BBQ accessories

People are embracing the great outdoors and are taking full advantage of their available outdoor space in 2018 by buying different types of elements that increase the functionality and appeal of this property area. From BBQ utensils to fold up tables and chairs, according to Amazon purchase statistics, various items that fall within this category have been purchased in the past year.

  1. Natural skincare products

Things have evolved in the beauty industry in recent years, and while beauty products in general benefit from popularity on a global level, in 2018, an increase in natural skincare purchases has been noticed. Beauty gurus have started to promote products made out of all-natural ingredients, and shoppers have followed their initiative by reassessing their choices in the skincare department.

  1. Hand-made jewelry

A sales growth has been observed in 2018 in the jewelry department, but classic purchase options are no longer preferred, hand-made alternatives being the ones to steal the spotlight. Because consumers are becoming more attentive of their personal style, and value authenticity and originality now more than ever, hand-made accessories have started to draw more interest. The rise of sites, such as Etsy, used by merchants who want to sell their creations, shows just how much hand-made items have increased in appeal in recent years.

  1. Organic produce

Buying groceries is a part of your daily life, and considering how much the quality of the foods sold in supermarket has been debated along the years, you have probably started to be more attentive of your choices in this department. More buyers are directing their focus towards organic produce. Grocery stores are expanding their organic product aisles and it seems like more buyers have become attentive of organic shopping. An increase in healthy lifestyle awareness has determined many consumers to buy organic produce.


As an enthusiastic shopper yourself, you have probably have already bought some of the items mentioned here, or at least have intended to in 2018. Shopping trends come and go, and it seems like in 2018, these were the products that have drawn the interest of consumers most, based on various purchase statistics made.

Another trend to watch out for is, according to Giving Assistant, is we are also likely to see an increase in the growing trend of charitable online shopping, so let’ see what 2019 has in store for us in this department.

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