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Time Magazine Thinks These Are The 25 ‘Most Influential’ People On The Internet


Time Magazine created a list of 25 people whom it believes are the “most influential” users on the internet.

The unranked list released Tuesday includes musicians, politicians, individual and group activists, influencers and other celebrity personalities who have garnered large followings on social media, changed the way people use certain platforms and drove the world’s news.

Names chosen by Time writers include the following:

Ocasio-Cortez and Trump appear side-by-side on the list. Time highlights Ocasio-Cortez’s large social media presence and “best practices,” saying her “seniority” online is “unparalleled.”

“Ocasio-Cortez has also expertly harnessed viral tropes to draw attention to subcommittee hearings and granular policy debates that have typically been relegated to the confines of C-Span: an Instagram video of questions she asked at a hearing about cannabis in February has amassed over three million views,” wrote Time congressional correspondent Alana Abramson.

Trump made the list because of his “massive online megaphone,” as Time describes it, noting that he sent out a personal record of 84 tweets in one day on May 1.

“Trump’s tweets initiate a feedback loop of cable news segments, Google search results and online news stories, giving his short missives longer legs and allowing his online influence to dwarf that of his political rival,” wrote Time senior White House correspondent Brian Bennett.

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The 25-person list also gave a shoutout to Kolfage, a triple amputee who raised $25 million to fund Trump’s wall through a GoFundMe page; Shapiro, a favorite among millennial conservatives who has amassed millions of followers on social media; and Ali, who “routinely uses his platform … to break news.”

Trump and pop singer Grande are the only two names who also appear on the top 25 Instagram and Twitter lists based on followings.

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