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Meaning and Types of Promise Rings


Promise rings are the most famous jewelry pieces among young people. But, despite this fact, a lot of people are still unsure about the true meaning of these rings. In a broad-spectrum, promise rings can be gifted for a variety of reasons and commitments and contrary to popular belief; they are not always given as a marital commitment.

Generally, these rings are a major symbol of commitment form one person to another regarding the future. They can also demonstrate loving and caring gestures and indicate a strong bond between two people. That other person can be your girlfriend, spouse, friend, or your parent.

Types of Promise Rings

Pre-engagement rings

Even though a promise ring can be given at any occasion, but it is mostly gifted from one person to another as a pre-engagement ring. These are the people who want to get married in the future but are delaying it due to some reasons. When they are ready to get engaged or married, they can simply replace the ring with their wedding bands from getnamenecklace Jewelry.

Abstinence rings

These rings are an indication of self-restraint. A person can use a promise ring to signify abstinence from sexual asceticism and bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol.

Purity promise rings

These rings are exchanged by the couples who want to stay chaste for each other before getting married. Many times, promise rings can be given by a parent to their kids as a token of commitment that they will keep themselves sexually pure until they marry the love of their life.

Religious rings

Many groups of religious followers like to distribute promise rings among the people who undertake the practices of following the practices as well as teachings of their religion.

Friendship rings

A lot of times, best friends exchange promise rings and pledge that they will never leave each other and will succumb into a romantic affair with one another.

Styles of Promise Rings

Some of the most prominent promises rings styles are:


A solitaire ring will be made from a single diamond and is among the most famous style for engagement as well as pre-engagement rings.

Diamond cluster rings

If a solitaire diamond ring is out of your financial plan, you can go for a diamond cluster ring as well. These rings are made from very small yet stylish diamond stones making it more reliable and affordable at the same time.

Rings with gemstones

As an alternative to diamonds, a lot of people buy promise rings that are made of gemstones. However, one should not go for soft gemstones like opal (can easily be scratched) and pearls (not appropriate to be worn on a routine basis).

Instead, buying a promise ring with hard gemstone can be much more trustworthy. There are so many examples of such stones, i.e. Pink Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald, Quartz Blue Topaz and Aquamarine, etc. although these gemstones are very durable, they still require constant care.

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