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How to Program Garage Door Opener to Car

One of the most convenient pieces of modern technology is garage door openers. They allow you to open and close your garage door without leaving your car. This makes it easy for you to avoid getting wet if it’s raining. However, for you to access these benefits, you’ll need to pair your car to the box in your garage. Unfortunately, it can be confusing for you to pair these signals correctly. So, let’s look at the best way for you to program garage door.

Why You Need to Program the Garage Door

Before your garage door can be opened from your car, you’ll need to pair the two signals together. This will increase the security of the system. When garage door openers were in their infancy, they only had one code. When that code was sent by the remote, the door opened. However, this meant that thieves could replicate the code and get into the property. To stop this from happening, the garage door companies implemented rolling codes. In this system, the codes regularly change. This makes it harder for unauthorized people to get into your property. For this system to work, you need to pair your car to the garage opener. Now we know why you need to program garage door, let’s look at the best way of doing this. Additional information about these devices can be found here:

Step One: Open the Logic Box in Your Garage

The first thing that you need to do is open the box in your garage. There is a latch that you can press to open the box. When it open, there will be multiple buttons and possibly some wiring. Though it can be confusing there is only one button that you need to locate, the LEARN button. Usually, it will be orange, or yellow. If you are having difficulty finding it, try consulting your manual or searching the manufacturer’s website. Once you’ve found the LEARN button, you are ready for the next step.

Step Two: Press Both the Garage and the Car Controllers at the Same Time

This is often the trickiest part of the process. You will need to press both the LEARN button and the button on your car remote simultaneously. Often, the best way to do this is by getting a friend to help. You will need to turn on the car for this to work. First, you should push the LEARN button. Avoid holding the button in as this will cause any pre-programmed devices to stop working. Once you’ve pressed the button, get your friend to push in the button on the car remote. They will need to hold this button for a few seconds. If done correctly, you should see the lights in the logic box flash and hear a click. You should now close the box and use the car remote to try to open the garage.

Some Reasons Why This Process Might Not Work

There are some reasons why this method of matching your car to your garage door might not work. First, you might have an older car. This can make it harder for the signal to get to box in the garage. To combat this, you might need to have a repeater. You plug this device into the socket in the garage, then it can relay the signal to the logic box. You may have to link the repeater to the logic box. In addition, some cars require you to use a navigation screen when trying to program garage door. Though this can make the task take longer, these screens will guide you through the process. Finally, there is a limit to the number of devices that the logic box can communicate with. This means that you can only have around five remotes at any time. If you encounter this problem, you should press and hold the LEARN button on the box in the garage. This will delete any existing remotes. Then, add each of the remotes using the method described above. If you encounter these problems, you might have to check the manual for the device. This will detail any steps that are unique to that device.

Using Your Car Remote

Once the signal is sent from the car to the garage, it should allow you to open and close the door from inside your vehicle. However, there are a few things that you should know to ensure that it works smoothly and safely. First, you might need to help the button for a little longer than you would with a handheld remote. This ensures that the signal is sent properly. Also, you should avoid standing or driving under the door when it’s closing. This will prevent you or your vehicle from getting pinned under the door. In addition, avoid having any clutter that may block the path of the door. This may prevent the door from fully opening or closing. Finally, you should get the system regularly maintained. Having to lift and close the door can lead to strain within the system. Regular maintenance will prevent the system from malfunctioning. Usually, the manual will list some of the activities you should do to take care of your system. Ideally, try to maintain the system once per month.

Unlinking the Car and Garage

If you are selling your car, you should first delete the garage door codes from its memory. This will ensure that future car owners can’t access your garage. To do this, press and hold the two outside buttons on the panel in your car. This will delete any stored codes.


Many cars are now equipped with technology that allows them to connect with your garage door, allowing you to open it remotely. This can make parking your car more convenient. However, for many people, it can be difficult to figure out how to program garage door. This can result in some people choosing not to use this feature. We’ve discussed the best method to get the car linked with the garage. So, experience the ability to open your garage door from your car today.

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