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Four reasons to include Florida in your next travel itinerary

Have you ever found yourself thinking that in Florida the only cool things to do are the fun theme parks and the wonderful shopping? Yeah, but not only that!

On our honeymoon trip, a route through this state that has an average of 300 days of sunshine a year and is full of rivers and lakes! Its name was chosen by the Spanish Ponce de León in 1513, and nowadays its main source of income is tourism.

Over the course of two weeks, we chose to visit four cities (plus two in transit): Fort Lauderdale, Key West and Miami. Check below some of our findings there!

1. Key West

Key West is a very charming South Florida island with a very pleasant climate, full of natural beauty, water sports and history. To get there, you can go by plane or car by the extensive bridges. Believe me, it’s worth every minute. We left Fort Lauderdale and drove there. It takes something around 3 hours and is a landscape more impressive than the other. As we were driving, it was worth it for being cheaper than those near Duval St., which is the most famous street there, full of restaurants, bars with live music and little shops.

It’s really nice to walk down this street. It ends (or begins) in a square called Mallory, which is said to be one of the best places in the world to watch the sunset, celebrate and interact with the street performers. In addition to delighting in the food and beverage stands, we saw a small show of a French gentleman, owner of an NGO that rescues street cats and some of them do tricks, raising funds for the NGO.

2. Adventures in nature

Still in Key West, we got to do lots of water adventures. The city has several business options to perform these tours. At our hotel, they recommended Fury, and we chose a package that had snorkeling to see the corals and marine life. We also did kayaking, played some toys in the water park, and finally flew a jet ski in a space in the middle of the sea. Amazing!

3. Good restaurants

On Duval St. in Key West, we found a very lively bar called Sloppy Joes! Food and drinks for all palates, live music and as it gets late, they will transform a part of the dining area into a dance pistol. This bar has been around since 1933 and was named after writer Ernest Hemingway, who was a friend of Joe Russell, the owner of the establishment. Another restaurant that is also worth a visit if it’s called Islamorada Fish Company, it’s halfway between Miami and Key West, so you can plan to have lunch there on the way or the return. They are known for the delicious dishes and because the restaurant is by the sea. The place has existed since 1948 and has a very nice climate. We were very well served and we will never forget the grilled lobster they served us. In Key West, you can find the best restaurants in Florida.

4. Beautiful beaches

From Fort Lauderdale to Key West you will find lots of sea, but it is not any sea, it is a turquoise sea, beautiful too. And at the end of the day you can visit the Las Olas region, which has many bars and restaurants with good food, drink and live music. It’s very lively there.

There are still other reasons to visit Florida but the 4 points above are enough to encourage anyone to travel to Florida.

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