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Before You Rent Flatbed Trailers: What To Know About the Flatbed Trailer

If a larger type of cargo is needed for a delivery job, perhaps the flatbed trailer might be the solution. The flatbed trailer is typically larger than the standard enclosed boxes or containers that trucks are able to carry. These trailers are primarily designed for carrying cargo that typically gets carried from above, from the rear, or from the side by using a special crane or ramp designed to help move the cargo from place to place. The versatile design makes it possible for the flatbed trailer to transport oversized or large quantities of different items by road. Flatbed trailers are a popular transportation rental option for companies who need to transport large quantities of items. Before considering a flatbed rental, it is important to understand the flatbed trailer before deploying the vehicle for use.

What is the flatbed trailer?

A flatbed trailer is a type of vehicle used for transporting all sorts of oversized containers and items. The typical flatbed trailer is designed with a single, sturdy platform where a large container or multiple large containers can be situated for transport. Common flatbed trailer cargo transports have ramps that can be used to help load heavy cargo into the trailer. Some flatbed trailers have special components that can be detached from the main vehicle. Others have components that can be maneuvered around from a single pivoting point, which is also known as an articulated vehicle. These maneuverable components help adjust the flatbed trailer for all sorts of transportation options when shipping cargo in different loads.

The flatbed trailer also comes in different sizes and dimensions, designed to handle a number of different types of cargo loads. Even though the usual flatbed trailer rental can handle a diverse selection of cargo, those who use flatbed trailers have to consider the roads they need to travel when transporting cargo from place to place. For this reason, most flatbed trailer rentals have a maximum physical dimension of up to 8′, 6″. Most flatbed trailers measure anywhere between 48′ and 53′ long. The maximum load that a flatbed trailer rental typically transport is no heavier than 48,000 lbs.

How is a flatbed trailer rental used?

A flatbed trailer rental is generally used in different ways to transport a wide variety of cargo across the country and the rest of the world. Most items that are shipped via a flatbed trailer tend to be oversized, usually large in height or width. Some cargo needs to be loaded onto the flatbed trailer rental by crane due to the size. In most cases, the flatbed trailer is used to ship heavy construction materials, machinery, tools, and other equipment.

Other uses for flatbed trailer rentals include utilizing their versatility. They are considered a suitable shipping option for transporting stackable containers filled with smaller products. Flatbed trailers with stretch or extendable components can also carry larger quantities of these items.

Unloading and loading items onto a flatbed trailer are straightforward. The use of a crane makes loading oversized items onto a flatbed trailer rental relatively simple. For this reason, flatbed shipping, in general, is considered a good option for companies who need to ship oversized items on a particular schedule.

What to consider for a flatbed trailer rental

A flatbed trailer rental could be a great investment for a business seeking to transport a number of items across the country. However, finding a suitable flatbed trailer rental is not as simple as it seems. Before considering the rental process, it is important for companies looking to rent to understand what they might need out of their flatbed trailer rental.

The cost to rent

Renting a flatbed trailer may cost much less than outright buying the transportation vehicle. The total cost of a flatbed trailer can total in the ten thousand, but if renting a flatbed trailer the cost can be as little as a few hundred per day. It is also imperative to consider the length of a flatbed rental. Even though the rental costs may be low, the total number of hours needed for the use of the rental might add up beyond what a company may have initially budgeted. However, many companies have access to discounts for a flatbed trailer rental so the costs can be reduced in the end.

Get multiple quotes from rental companies

The best way to get a deal on a flatbed trailer rental is by getting multiple quotes from companies who rent flatbed trailers to their clients. As mentioned, the costs for a flatbed rental can be significantly reduced if a company can successfully negotiate a better price for the rental costs. The best way to find a good quote on flatbed trailer rentals is by talking directly to the rental company and comparing the multiple offers they may present.

The return on investment

The flatbed trailer is considered a good investment, especially if a trucking company needs a consistent way to transport oversized cargo from place to place. Since a flatbed trailer rental costs less than outright buying the trailer, companies who choose to merely rent a flatbed trailer may be saving on the use of the vehicle in the long run. Depending on how long the flatbed trailer is rented, a company can potentially get a significant discount on the rental depending on the rental duration. This means more money is saved on the rental that can be delegated to other costs.

Ready for a flatbed trailer rental?

The flatbed trailer can be an asset to a business that needs safe and efficient transport for a number of oversized items. Instead of relying on other forms of cargo transportation, a flatbed trailer rental could be a relatively inexpensive and efficient way to transport cargo between businesses and other organizations. Renting a flatbed trailer is considered a more flexible and cost-effective option for cargo transportation than just outright buying the vehicle. Many companies are willing to handle flatbed trailer rental to a number of companies that need efficient cargo transport today.

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  1. I agree that flatbed trailers could be a good investment. My brother is a truck driver and he uses flatbed trailers quite frequently for work. It may be a good idea for companies to invest in their own rather than pay rental fees that add up over time.

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