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What To Know About The Cost Of Wedding Photography

The best way to capture an important memory is taking a photo as the moment happens. Whether produced using film or with a digital camera, many people now seek photography services as a way to have a professional accurately capture their important memories as they happen. Weddings are naturally important events that usually only occur once for the happy couple. For this reason alone, hiring a professional to handle wedding photography for any special wedding event is an idea well worth pursuing. However, there are several important things that prospective clients of a wedding photography agency should do before even hiring them. Learning more about the costs of wedding photography can help prospective clients successfully book photography services for their big day.

The cost of wedding photography

Wedding photography captures the big day in the best light possible. For client prospects who desire excellent and memorable looking photography of their wedding day, finding a good wedding photographer should not be difficult at all with the many options on the market today. However, there is a factor that does influence what type of work may be done when it comes to actual photography work.

The average cost

The cost of wedding photography is said to average at least 10 to 15 percent of the budget for a wedding. While some wedding parties may choose to put a smaller portion of their budget toward the photo-taking process, others might see that as well worth the cost. Fortunately, the cost of hiring a reputable wedding photography agencies as expensive or as inexpensive as the client desires.

Across the country, the cost of wedding photography varies. In big cities, for example, the cost tends to range from as low as $2,000 to as much as $10,000, depending on the experience level of the photographer. Elsewhere, the cost is as low as $300 to as high as the $4,500 range. Depending on what the wedding party may desire in a photography session, most clients generally spend as much as $1,000 to $3,000 for their wedding photography.

The factors behind the cost of wedding photography

Many factors can influence the cost of wedding photography. The factors are not too different from those that would impact other costs associated with the wedding, reception and any other social gatherings that are related to the wedding. Some of these factors include:

Location and travel costs

Depending on where the wedding party may live, the wedding photography services in their local area may charge for their services based on the cost to do photography there. For example, some companies may need to secure permits to shoot in locations that their clients may desire. In addition, the wedding photography agency may charge more to cover travel costs if the photographer or photographers need to travel far to reach the wedding venue on time.

Experience level and expertise

The most experienced photographers charge according to their experience with wedding photography, especially if they are popular among those seeking photos for their wedding. A wedding photographer noted for their extensive photo editing, for example, will charge higher prices than a less experienced photographer who does not do as much editing.

Time and date of the event

Sometimes, the wedding photography agency may need to charge more or less during certain times of the year, particularly because of the demand from clients seeking wedding photography services. When it comes to the actual photography session, most wedding photography services shoot for as little as six hours, with the upper limit of photography time being essentially limitless. The photographer will generally charge for the number of hours that they spend taking photos of the occasion.

Guest count

If the wedding party is large, the photographer may charge more to ensure everyone is captured in the photo. More people means more effort in the photography process, so this ensures the wedding photography agencies properly compensated.

Agency services

Many wedding photography agencies offer a number of other perks as a part of their service packages, including the addition of multiple photographers, editing, and photo printing services. In many cases, a wedding party may choose to have multiple photographers capture moments throughout the day. This ensures that no moment goes unnoticed when the photography services are being deployed. Editing is an essential part of the usual wedding photography package.

The photographer spends a lot of time editing and processing the resulting photos after the wedding day events take place. This process is what usually results in fantastic looking photos that the wedding party can keep for years. In addition to editing, the photography agency also typically handles the photo printing services, ensuring that the wedding party receives physical and digital versions of the finished photographs.

Wedding photography styles

Type or style of desired photography does play a part when it comes to the cost of getting photography done for a wedding. Some of the most common styles include photojournalism, fine art inspired, fashion inspired, and traditional wedding photography. Fashion inspired wedding photography generally focuses on the artistry of the wedding dress and other attire worn by members of the wedding party.

Vintage inspired photography deploys the use of old school photography techniques to capture the feel of old photographs. A photographer that shoots fine art inspired wedding photos captures dramatic compositions that make wedding moments stand out. Not all wedding photographers use the previously mentioned photography styles, and may sometimes have a style that they uniquely promote as their own.

Prospective clients are encouraged to visit the online galleries of potential wedding photographers to get a feel of what type of style they might deploy.

Ready to hire wedding photography services?

The cost of wedding photography agencies should not deter any prospective client from seeking them. It is important to invest in capturing the memories of an emotional occasion like a wedding and its associated events. Anyone that may be planning a wedding should factor in the costs of hiring an experienced wedding photography agency to ensure their special day gets captured in the way it deserves.

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