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Tips to Grow Your Instagram Business Account

Below are a few tips to help boost your engagement on Instagram after the recent changes. You could also buy real Instagram likes

1. Avoid Bots

With is more powerful algorithms, Instagram is now a lot better at separating real users from automated bots. And since using bots is a blatant violation of Instagram’s terms of use, getting caught using one can get you “shadowbanned”. This means that your content will pop-up on the feeds of your followers less often and you won’t appear on the discovery pages.

Worse, you may never know whether you’ve been shadowbanned or not. Nonetheless, the point here is that using bots will generally hurt you in the long run more than they can help.

2. One post per day is enough

With the new Instagram’s algorithm, content can pop up for much longer on feeds, which makes it detrimental to post too frequently.

Keep in mind that some users only check their feed once a day or less, as such, Instagram is designed to curate the posts they are yet to see and place them on top of their feeds. If you post more than once a day, your posts will be competing with each other. As a result, both will have poor engagement.

So, instead of the second daily post, use Instagram stories more, as the exposure boosts engagement with your followers, gives you access to more features and filters, and will most likely increase the performance of your daily posts. Take a look at auto comments for Instagram to boost your account.

3. Optimize the timing of your posts

Immediate post engagement is really important when it comes to gaining the preferred placement on feeds and discovery. For this reason alone, you need to master posting at the right time, such that a wave of engagement kicks off the post.

While you post, monitor the times when your follower demographics are more likely to be online. The ideal times include when they wake up in the morning at around 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., during lunchtime at noon to 1 p.m., and when they get off work at around 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. You can also utilize specialist tolls like Owlmetrics to find out what time your posts get the most engagement.

4. Optimize for Hashtags

Hashtags gives you more chances of appearing on more discovery pages, thereby boosting your engagement. It’s important to understand the kind of hashtags that appeal to your demographics, and ones that are best aligned with your content to help you be found by more potential followers.

If your account does well enough early on, you might be featured on IG’s top post section for a given hashtag, giving you even more exposure. To use hashtags optimally, find about 15 to 30 hashtags that have peak engagement.

Instagram has a 30 hashtag limit per post, and also shadowbans “spammy” hashtags. Some of these hashtags include those along the lines of #followforfollow and #likeforlike. Ensure that your hashtags are well aligned with your specific audience and you’re not using them purely for driving meaningless engagement. Think of what your audience might enjoy and take your time to browse their posts to see the kind of hashtags they use on their posts.

5. Join an Instagram pod

Instagram pods are a group of users in a group message on Instagram sharing messages in the group message whenever they publish a post. All of the users in these group like the post and go on to leave a meaningful comment.

Instagram pods usually have the same rules for all members. The rules may involve commenting and liking within a certain timeframe and come with correlated penalties in case the members fail to follow through. Joining and taking part in one of these groups can be a great way to jump start your posts and give you more exposure on the feeds of your followers.

6. Add Calls to Action

Once of the biggest problems with Instagram accounts is finding ways to get the followers to leave a comment on their posts. Since comments are factored into Instagram’s algorithm for engagement, it’s important to structure your caption such that they encourage the audience to both like and comment.

Great examples of effective calls to action include: “What would you name this cute kitten?” or “Which of these sneakers would you buy?” These give your followers a reason to engage, and therefore kicks off a conversation between you and them.

7. Hold Contests

Contests are very effective at enticing users to engage with your posts and increase the reach of your account. Typical content on Instagram involves a collaboration between two different accounts: an influencer account and a brand.

The post can be a picture of something that the audience covets, such as a vacation destination or an expensive product. The caption states that it’s a giveaway, laying out all the rules of participation clearly. These rules typically involve following both accounts, leaving a comment, liking the post, and potentially tagging a few friends. Later on, a winner is chosen on a given date from users who completed the required tasks.

Contests are an ingenious way to engage and grow with multiple audiences.

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    1.) Avoid Bots

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