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The Revolution of Dental Implants: Teeth in A Day

Historically, the possibilities for improving the aesthetics of the human smile were rather limited. Extractions, dentures, or fillings were the industry standard for dental care and cosmetic. It’s no wonder the industry has evolved and grown so much with people more and more anxious to get that perfect smile. Surveys continue to reinforce this point. One in particular for example reveals that 38% of Americans would not go on a second date with someone with misaligned or bad teeth, and they would go to great lengths to achieve a bright smile, with 37% saying they would give up holidays or dessert (39%).

When it comes to implants, the satisfaction levels are quite high. Over 80% of those who had the procedure are happy with the results. However, awareness of new options seems to be low. Historically, the first dental implant was placed in a human patient back in 1965. For decades after that, they surfaced as a one-size-fits-all solution – typically having the same width and colour shade, with the only thing that differed being the length. Thankfully, dental innovation has shifted that paradigm.

Nowadays, patients can achieve exactly they have in their minds from a wide range of shapes, sizes and shades, and building material. The longevity of implants has also come a very long way, from those lasting mere months to as much as 15 years, today there are options that will virtually last a lifetime especially if they keep them safe from grinding.

One of the greatest revolutions in the sphere is known as Teeth in A Day. As the name suggests, this procedure allows for results in the space of one day with the smallest number of implants for the highest number of teeth. This solution has been perfected as a response to a crucial unmet need among dental patients: lack deep bone tissue in the area where implants needed fixing. In such cases, patients were required to undergo highly invasive, complicated and expensive bone grafting surgery, await extensive healing times and then return for an implant procedure. You can also source for other options, like this dental implants procedure available in windsor for instance.

Teeth in A Day is an exciting solution even for those suffering from gum disease, cavities or missing several teeth. They are a fast and effective, hassle-free solution to dentures and offer full functionality almost immediately. These benefits are highly appealing to anyone, regardless of circumstances. Take for instance a busy individual whose appearance plays a key role in their day to day life, but who lacks the time to follow lengthy treatment processes and multiple visits to the dentist’s office. Being able to take care of their dental needs in one day with maximum results is an outstanding achievement. Similarly, older patients whose movement might be restricted from various reasons can equally benefit from a complete new set of teeth fitted in one single day.

The science behind Teeth in A Day was created to provide patients with an efficient solution using only four dental implants to support an arch or fixed teeth. Two of the implants are fitted vertically in front of the jawbone, and the remaining two go in the back. This mode of action means success can be achieved with less bone than usual. Usually, dental implants would require up to 10 implants and a long healing period where the bridge can’t be fitted.

In terms of specifics, any patient keen on getting Teeth In a Day should expect:

  • A specialist consultation with a dental professional where specifics, goals and suitability for the treatment are discussed
  • Once a consensus is reached, the patient will need to undergo a CT scan to enable an accurate 3D modelling treatment plan for the procedure. The potential results can be visualized pre-treatment
  • After everything has been agreed, the treatment can take place. Another appointment is made during which the implant site is prepared and four implants are inserted according to the procedure
  • Within a few hours, patients can return to their normal lives and enjoy a newly restored and fully functional smile

In a world that is developing and changing a lightning speed, it is only normal that medicine has to keep up with changing demands and expectations. With the rise of on-demand society, everyone nowadays expects service and quality on the spot. Progress and success are associated with fastness, so the development and buzz around Teeth in a Day comes as a natural advancement. Everyone loves a fast solution with visible results that can significantly boost quality of life – and now they have it.

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