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Questions to ask your electrician before hiring

When you are hiring an electrician, it is all about the quality of the workmanship. If you are wondering about the assessment of the expert, this post is specifically for you. Hiring an electrician will become easy if you just follow these simple tips and ask your questions.

Let us have a look, shall we?

Ask about the license

Yes, the most crucial point of the entire lot! Inquire about the licensing of the electrician for performing wiring work. An electrician is a skilled labor, which means he/she must have the necessary knowledge and information along with a certification from a regulatory board. Make sure that the license is real and avoid risks and hazards during and after completion of the project at your property.

Ask about the insurance

Working with livewires and electricity is a potential health hazard, and accidents can happen at any time. Most of the professional electricians are therefore insured. This means you are not liable in case of an accident and the consequent physical injury to the electrician. To avoid financial risk in case of an unforeseen circumstance, always make sure that the electrician is appropriately insured.

Ask about the specialization

Electricians have specializations. Some are specialists at home wiring, whereas some are experts when it comes to installing various electrical systems in buildings. There are specific electricians and services for repair and maintenance work as well. Make sure you are going with the right specialist according to your needs and requirement.

Ask about the experience

If you are looking to hire an expert, always inquire about the training and the experience of the electrician while negotiating the terms of the agreement. Qualifications are vital in this line of work, and any proof of merit is an authentication of the excellence of the expert. Also, keep in mind that experience is the silver bullet for the trade. So, make sure you are going with an expert with tons of experience.

Ask for a quotation

In all honesty, the electrician will give you the entire bill after the completion of the work. But it is still a great practice to ask about a written quotation and the estimated cost of the work. Inquire about surcharges and make sure there are no hidden costs. Once you have agreed to a contract best suited to both parties, it is essential to get it signed by both parties.

Ask about references

Inquire about providing recommendations for previous work done by the electrician. This is all the more important if you are going for an electrician just because he/she is popular in your locality. Recommendations are proof of merit as well and it the best way for you to verify the professionalism and expertise for the electrician.

Ask about permits, if any

If you are installing an elaborate system and sophisticated equipment, you might require additional government permit or one from the local civic body. If that is the case, then ask your electrician about obtaining the permission and the necessary charges, if any.

Make sure you ask your questions before deciding on your expert — all the best!

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