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How to Choose Friendship Day Cakes According to Nature and Flavor?

Friends are like stars, you don’t see them, but, they are always there with you!”

Friends are very special. They are the one whom you can trust and can have fun with. They are one and the only person whom you can let your inner-child out in front. Friendship Day is the day remembered to the bond which is most reliable after the parents. This is the purest relation that has no secrets, nothing in between and no boundaries. This Friendship Day, send a token of love to your dearest friend and let them know how important they are in your life. The gifts that you give on Friendship Day have an important role in strengthening the bond between you and your friend. Hence, the gifts must be chosen with utmost love and care that can easily convey your heartfelt feelings to them.

What would be more loving than spoiling them with some sweet delicacies? So, if you are looking for online Friendship Day cakes, listed down are some major tips that will help you find the best.

Make a list of cakes liked by your friends: With the innumerable flavor of cakes, some are fond of chocolate cake, while others are for vanilla, blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, cheesecakes, and truffles. You are supposed to know flavour and kind of the cakes liked most by your friends. So, start making the list now and impress your friend this Friendship Day.

Choose according to nature: Depending upon their nature, you can choose cakes that can complement them:

Ø For the foodaholic friends: If there are some foodie friends in your group, you can gift them with some sample cheesecakes with different delicious flavor. You can easily order online to get it delivered on Friendship Day.

Ø For sweet and cool friends: The mere thoughts of having chocolate cake gives you Goosebumps, then, imagine what impact would be if you order for your loved ones. Let your sweet and cool friends get indulged into the delicious and mouth-melting flavour of chocolate cake, which is beloved for its rich flavour.

Ø For sports Enthusiasts: Is your friend a sport’s enthusiast? Nothing can amaze him then this customized sports theme cake. The sports theme cake can be created for any sports – Cricket, Football and Golf depending upon your request.

Different Flavors of Cakes Meant for your Friend

· Luscious Rose Designed Strawberry cake: Rose is the symbol of love and when designed in the form of cake express the hidden feelings of your heart. This scrumptious cake prepared with granulated sugar, cheese, whipped cream, butter, flour, baking powder, and strawberry extract is perfect enough to beautifully express your hidden feelings. Why gift your lovable friend same old bouquet when you can go one step ahead to impress them with this delicacy.

· Mouth-watering Vanilla Cake: Does your friend craves for vanilla flavor? Then, nothing can please them with this appetizing dessert. Topped with cheese and cherry, every bite of this cake will give them a heavenly feeling.

· Delicious Pineapple Cake: When it is difficult to hold emotion, why not get it expressed with this delicious pineapple cake. The pineapple slices and chocolate flakes on it gives the cake a royal appearance, while, the cherries topped on it makes the cake more delectable.

· Lovable Red Velvet Cake: Are you bored of same regular ways of expressing your feelings? Try this time with this ravishing red velvet cake. The unique amalgamation of coffee and red color frosty layering would definitely be a great surprise for your friend. This delectable treat will perfectly convey your heartfelt feelings to them.

· Blissful Fruit Cake: This blissful treat of fruit cake would definitely be a perfect option for your health-conscious friends. Loaded with seasonal fruits and creams, this moist cake with fruity touch is perfect to surprise your friend.

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