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Do Celebrities Have CoolSculpting Done?

We know for a fact that celebrities have become the gurus of modern-day cosmetic procedures. When you look online, it’s inevitable that you will find this or that star talking about the latest, greatest cosmetic procedure they’ve had done to improve their appearance. They swear buy it and are convinced that anyone can use it.

Celebrities have endorsed everything from liposuction to their own perfume lines. So, have any stars spoken about CoolSculpting? Let’s find out:

One person who might surprise you as being on the list is Jennifer Aniston! Yes, you remember her from one of the biggest series of all time: Friends. After her time on that show, she then went on to a very successful movie career and is still in high demand in Hollywood. That great physique she has is partly thanks to CoolSculpting! She has said that she appreciates non-invasive procedures that target stubborn areas of her body and this is one that she is supposed to have used.

What would a list be without a Kardashian on it? Well, here’s one for you: Khloe Kardashian. Both she and her family have become worldwide stars thanks to their reality show which skyrocketed them to stardom. She may only be thirty-four and seem like one of the last people you’d think would be on this list, but Khloe has also opted for this form of treatment. She has eschewed the idea of Botox, but loves to use CoolSculpting on, get this, her behind! Although unconfirmed, there are also rumours that her older sister, Kim has also used this treatment.

Can you believe that Lindsay Lohan would also take up some space on this list? Yup, this lovely person has also taken advantage of the benefits of CoolSculpting. Not only has she tried the treatment, she continues to have the treatment done. Lindsay has actually become an aficionado. She has openly spoken about how she fell in love with CoolScuplting and many other forms of cryo-treatment, believing it to be the best non-invasive cosmetic procedure out there!

Mariah Carey is someone who doesn’t like to discuss what she has and has not had done over the years, but there are sources close to this music artist who have said that she too has had the procedure done. There is, of course, her commitment to very selective diets to keep her in shape, but apparently, Mariah likes to have a bit of CoolSculpting done here and there.

These are all names that hold great places on this list, but it is Molly Sims who is the official spokesperson for the treatment. This model and actress has appeared in several films and currently resides as a host on the popular show “The View”. After each pregnancy, Molly had the treatment done and was extraordinarily satisfied with the results. Among her compliments for the program was that there was no downtime for this busy person and that it was actually a great experience for her!

So, are celebrities using CoolSculpting? Oh, yes, and they are very satisfied with the results.

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