Black Community Should Be More Wary of Judges than Police Officers, Says Anne Kihagi

The black community has been incensed for years by unfair and prejudiced treatment from police officers around the country – even Dr. Dre rapped about it! As we look back at how things used to be, and while issues undoubtedly still exist for all minorities, we as a community must admit that police departments nationwide have indeed made strides to improve their behavior.

Meanwhile, the black and Latino communities are less prepared for the demons they will face in a courtroom, the very decision-maker who will determine their fate – the judge.

Here’s an unbelievable example: A San Francisco judge was presented with evidence – a video that immediately disproved one of the prosecution’s claims; the judge then decided to rule that the video supported a totally different claim, which was also ludicrous. This was exactly Ms. Kihagi’s case: Judge Angela Bradstreet would look at evidence and then, with a smile, rule with total disregard to the evidence. It is shameful that no journalist who wrote on Ms. Kihagi’s case has ever investigated her outrageous rulings.

To make matters worse, another judge recently ruled that Ms. Kihagi’s lender, Umpqua Bank, could sell her building and ignore her full payment of close to $2,000,000. Have you ever heard of a bank that would decline your full payment of their loan? The judge ignored all Kihagi’s pleas to have him direct the bank to release the additional balance they claimed was owed, as they claimed there was an additional $20k or so, but the number kept changing and would NOT respond to Ms. Kihagi.

Here’s the actual statute that applies to everyone in California:

Civil Code 2903 – Every person, having an interest in property subject to a lien, has a right to redeem it from the lien, at any time after the claim is due, and before his right of redemption is foreclosed, and, by such redemption, becomes subrogated to all the benefits of the lien..

The statute says “every person” – that includes every black person in the country, as well. Any English reader would agree that Civil Code 2903 enables everyone to pay off their mortgage whenever the claim is due. In fact, this is how the entire country is able to refinance loans.

The Court robbed Ms. Kihagi’s company of over $500,000 by failing to honor this simple statute. How can any judge claim to be just while disregarding such obvious laws?

This is the danger of modern judges and those who are complacent in ignoring the significant abuses taking place in Courts of Law – and there is virtually no oversight for dishonest conduct.

Like the policemen we focus on, judges too have the power to punish you, even more so if you speak up in the courtroom. Policemen are now aware that they might be caught on video, but dishonest judges are getting away with injustices each day without even the rebuke of the Court of Appeal.

It is imperative to protect the integrity of our legal system – and what just happened to me is shocking and unjust. What other courtroom abuses are we letting slip through the cracks of time? And how long before it becomes the new norm?

For information on Anna Kihagi please go to:   @annekihagi1,

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