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The U.S. Needs Border Security

Democrats once clamored for border security, and even Obama wanted a wall. But times have changed, and now Democrats are against a border wall and advocating for illegal immigrants.

Walls Don’t Work

Democrats are united in their proclamations that walls don’t work. They provide no evidence why this is so — while they themselves stay within the confines of their walled houses. Walls work. The walls of primitive houses served to protect our earliest ancestors from the elements and hostile wildlife. Castle walls have changed the courses of warfare throughout the centuries. Israel’s southern border wall, comprised of metal fencing and gates, have prevented 99 percent of all illegal immigration. Metal fencing has also proven quite effective in protecting American homes and businesses. Walls work. They have been working for centuries. To say they don’t is being ignorant or deceptive.

Illegals Contribute to the Economy

While it might be true that illegal immigrants contribute close to $12 billion in taxes annually, they also cost U.S. taxpayers more than $113 billion a year at the federal, state, and local level. Sanctuary cities are losing money at massive rates to support their illegal immigrant populations. California alone spends more than $20 billion for illegal aliens — enough to surpass whatever contribution they may provide. Illegal workers drive wages down. Companies would much rather hire illegals rather than pay higher salaries to their legal counterparts. Illegal immigrants use tax-funded social services, take advantage of free education, are entitled to healthcare, and use food stamps. If illegal immigrants contribute so much to the economy, then sanctuary cities should be booming. Instead, sanctuary cities are imposing higher taxes on residents and businesses while still being in the red.

Illegals Commit Fewer Crimes than Citizens

While it is true that legal immigrants commit fewer crimes (due to the extensive screening process), the same cannot be said for illegal immigrants. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, illicit immigrants account for less than 5 percent of the population, but they account for 42 percent of kidnapping convictions, 31 percent of drug convictions, 23 percent of laundering convictions, 18 percent of economic crimes, and 12 percent of auto theft convictions. They also account for 10 percent of all assault convictions and 9 percent of all homicides. Mexican gangs and the drugs they bring in have claimed hundreds of thousands of American lives. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, 80 percent of opioids sold in the U.S. stem from foreign criminal organizations, primarily Mexican drug cartels. Sanctuary cities have been hit the hardest, particularly in California. One clear example is San Francisco, where once beautiful streets are now lined with needles and feces.

There is a crisis at the border. There were close to 100,000 apprehensions in March alone, surpassing the 76,000 in February. Customs and Border Protection have said that the arrests have exceeded crisis-level numbers. Border patrol agents are desperately clamoring for a wall, but Democratic leaders seem to believe that they know better than the ones actually protecting the U.S. borders.

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