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Ten quirky facts about whiskey you had no idea about

Whiskey is quite a fascinating spirit, rich history, and aroma. There are specific backstories about this drink, and it all makes up for a great combination. There are facts about production and locations that add up to the legend of whiskey.

So, the next time you want to have a drink, all you need to do is search online for a distillery & cocktail bar near me. Arm yourself up to the brim with the following facts and amaze your friends and drinking buddies. You can rest assured that you are guaranteed to impress.

So now, let us get to the ten amazing facts about whiskey. Read on!

Whiskey fumes and trees

The next time you visit a distillery, have a look at the vegetation surrounding it. Chances are the trees will all be back. The fumes cause this but don’t fret. There is no detrimental effect of the tree except the color.

Check the shape of the still

You can determine the flavor of the whiskey from the shape of the still. Yes, you do not need an expert for this. Look out for tall and slim stills; these will produce smoother and milder whiskeys. Shorter pot stills are for the stronger drink. In case there is a boil ball in place in the lower part of the still, the whiskey produced will have a mild fruity or floral flavor.

Keep the bottle sealed to hold on to the “peatiness”

Yes, the peatiness; it’s the most significant consideration for the hardened drinkers. Well, some truth for you, unsealed bottles will lose the peatiness. You cannot do anything about it.

Woman and whiskey

Historical evidence suggests that there were always women managing operations at distilleries, but the first distillery that was opened by a woman was in 2017. Heather Nelson opened her own distillery Toulvaddie, but you will have to wait for the first batch to mature.

Single malt but many casks

Your favorite single malt is a product of a single distillery, but most of them have a blend of various barrels in them.

Doctors prescribed whiskey during prohibition

During the prohibition, doctors would apply for a license which allowed them to prescribe liquor for medicinal purposes. It was a lot similar to the medical marijuana of today. Doctors prescribed around 64 million pints of medicinal alcohol during prohibition.

Whisky or whiskey?

What is the etymology? Well, whiskey originated in Ireland while whisky gets used in various parts of the world, including Canada, Japan, and Scotland. America followed suit with whiskey. Whatever the name might be, it remains a favorite.

About the Angel’s share

Are you saddened to know that around 2% of the net whiskey produced in the world evaporates due to the natural phenomenon? But that is just how the laws of nature work.

A general distillation rule of thumb

Your favorite Scotch whiskey undergoes distillation twice while in Ireland, whiskey undergoes double distillation.

Some statistics

As you read this article, well over 20 million casks are maturing in Scotland alone. Around 40 bottles are shipped worldwide per second. That surely is a lot of whiskeys.

So, did you find these ten facts about your favorite drink interesting? Let us know.

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