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Democrats Selective Moral Outrage

deepstatecorruptionOn election night 2016 John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager said, “If Hillary loses we’ll blame the Russians.” She lost and that’s just what they did. For two years now the American people have been subjected with this relentless 30 million dollar hoax that Trump colluded with the Russians to win the election which was totally false and proven false after four investigations including the Mueller report. The Dems are looking for one last hoax to perpetrate on the American people.

They are so upset and concerned with corruption by Trump when there is none and not with Hillary which there is plenty. They are concerned with Russian collusion by Trump which there is none, but not when it comes to Hillary with her and the DNC paying a foreign spy 10 million dollars to write a phony Russian dossier on Trump and her signing off on selling 20% of our uranium to Russia for 145 million dollars to her scam foundation.. They are concerned with obstruction by Trump which there is none, but not when it comes to Hillary with her deleting 30,000 federally subpoenaed e-mails with bleach bit and her destroying 13 federally subpoenaed devices with hammers. They call for impeachment but don’t give any concrete reason when it is their gal Hillary who has committed multiple crimes and stole the election from Bernie Sanders and should be in prison yet she walks scot free.


This moral selective outrage is getting tiring now and people are waking up the fact that they are all being scammed and duped by the democrat party which has now become a socialist/communist party. In spite of all they put him through, Trump has continued to win every time because he is on the right side of things and has more accomplishments than any previous president, but you wouldn’t know it by the mob rule of the mainstream media. They constantly say Trump lies, but don’t cite any specific lie or instance when it is they the media and Democrats that are lying about Trump. It’s called projection.

The deep state is turning against one another now. Loretta Lynch is accusing and contradicting Comey of misrepresenting key Clinton probe conversations particularly her telling him to call the Clinton investigation a matter.

If you noticed they all are given the same talking points to say at the same time. First it was ‘Stormy, Stormy, Stormy” then it was “He is mentally unfit, he is mentally unfit, he is mentally unfit,” then it was “Obstruction obstruction, obstruction” followed by “Collusion collusion, collusion,” and now the latest, “constitutional crisis, constitutional crisis, constitutional crisis” all floated by the parrots on MSNBC. CNN.ABC,NBC,CBS.

They claim that Trump is too brash and salty in his language, but I don’t mind that and find it refreshing that he talks to you face to face and like one of the people rather than an elite politician who looks down on the people. I like the fact that he tells you like it is up front and to the point so don’t tell me he’s not like what you expect to see. This is another reason 63 million people voted for him.

In the aftermath of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, disappointed House Democrats have launched their own investigations into the president, and the House Judiciary Committee issued a subpoena to compel testimony from former White House Counsel Don McGahn.

But just one day prior to McGahn’s scheduled Tuesday appearance, the White House let it be known that he would not be testifying because the Department of Justice had determined that, as a senior adviser to the president, he was immune from compelled testimony.

Recently Trump met with Nancy Pelosi and some other Dems. Pelosi told him that “Noone is above the law.” Hey Nancy, if that is the case how about indicting Hillary then, the real Russian colluder and obstructer.  What she did is far, far worse than anything Trump ever did and she put America’s vital interests at risk with five countries hacking into her unsecured server with all those classified messages on it.


Pelosi accused Trump of a cover-up and Trump walked out of the meeting after ten minutes and held an impromptu press conference with the liberal White House press corps. President Trump told reporters, “I don’t do cover-ups.” Trump again told reporters there was “no collusion” and “obstruction.”

What cover-up Nancy?  Pelosi is now the speaker in name only as she is being pushed around by her fellow colleagues such as Ocasio Cortrez, Illan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

Omar and talib

Speaking with reporters outside the White House prior to leaving for a rally Monday night in Pennsylvania, Trump was asked why he instructed McGahn to defy the House subpoena.

Presidents. I think it’s a very important precedent. And the attorneys say that they’re not doing that for me; they’re doing that for the Office of the President.  So we’re talking about the future,” the president replied.

Asked moments later again about McGahn and whether the White House was “stonewalling” Congress or attempting to hide something, Trump replied, “I think we’ve been the most transparent administration in the history of our country. We just went through two years of Bob Mueller, with 18 people that hated Donald Trump. They were ‘Angry Democrats,’ as I called them.”

“We’ve been through it for two years, and they spent almost $40 million on it. We had, I think, 500 people testified. We had 1.4 or 1.5 million documents,” he continued.

“At the end of all of that, he said there’s no collusion. Now what happens is the Democrats want a re-do, and we’ve had enough, and the country has had enough. There has never been, ever before, an administration that’s been so open and transparent,” Trump added. “So we want to get on. What we want to do is get on with running the country.”

The media has never done one positive story on Trump’s many accomplishments. They never question Pelosi’s mental health like they did with Trump and she has displayed plenty of mental issues.

Nancy Pelosi dementia pic

They never asked for her or Nadler’s tax returns which are loaded with plenty of corruption. They just want to disinfranchise the 65 million people who voted for Trump and overturn a duly elected president.

Trump recently tweeted, “The democrats are on a fishing expedition wanting to interview the same people and see the same things we just went through for two years with Mueller and the 18 angry dems.” This is the true definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

This is why America elected President Trump. They claim to still not understand why we voted for him. Trump is not a wimp but a fierce fighter and winner. The dems have no agenda and no results from anything they did. They have become the party of radical socialists and conspiracy theorists. See Trump’s press conference right after the meeting where he says the real crime was on the other side.

Trump national emergencyOn Dec. 16, Ross Douthat, writing in The Times, called the ISIS defeat “a case where the media is not adequately reporting an important success because it does not fit into the narrative of Trumpian disaster in which our journalistic entities are all invested.”

Besides defeating ISIS, what are Trump’s wins this year?

Tax cuts: Congress has passed a tax overhaul, but just the anticipation of tax reform, which will cut the corporate rate to 21%, has excited business owners and fueled stock market records.

Economic growth: The gross domestic product has grown by more than 3% for two quarters in a row.

Consumer confidence: In October, consumer confidence rose to the highest level in 17 years, according to the New York-based Conference Board.

Deregulation: Trump has cut 67 Obama-era regulations and added only three new rules. The rollback on regulations has spurred business confidence, economic activity and stock market growth. Trump said the actions have saved $8.1 billion in lifetime net regulatory costs.

Stock market: The Dow has set record highs 70 times this year, rising 5,000 points in a year for the first time in history.

Judicial appointments: Trump has staffed the judiciary with constitutionalists such as Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.

Unemployment: Granted, Trump inherited low unemployment numbers from President Obama, but the number of people collecting unemployment benefits has continued to fall to a near 44-year low.

Trade: Trump worked out a trade deal with China, Vietnam and South Korea.

Israel: The United States’ relationship with Israel has been much improved since the last administration.

Immigration: In August, illegal border crossing apprehensions were down 41% on the Southern border compared with August 2016.

U.S. energy: The Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines are under construction. Jobs to be created: 42,000.

Coal: Trump stopped Obama’s war on coal. Hillary said she was going to put the coal miners out of work. Trump kept their jobs and opened a new mine.

Climate change: Trump announced in June that he plans to withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement, citing that it would undermine our economy.

Schools: Trump is giving the green light to school choice programs across the country.

Obamacare fail: Congress failed to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, but if the tax reform bill is passed, Obamacare’s individual mandate will be repealed.

Of course, the left credits Obama for ISIS’ defeat and the booming economy. And earlier this month, Obama congratulated himself for economic growth and job creation in a speech at a conference of mayors in Chicago, saying, “Thanks, Obama.”

Actually, Obama deserves some credit. His policies created a slow economic recovery, which forced businesses to get lean. Since taking office, President Trump has removed the regulatory weight and the economy is soaring again. Unemployment is at 3.5% the lowest in 50 years.

Trump also lowered the FICA tax so people have more money in their paychecks and social security checks.

Under Trump the economy is thriving, there’s no risk of nuclear war with North Korea, and that minority unemployment is at record lows. That’s all because of President Trump and Republicans,

Trump slammed Democrats in a series of early morning tweets for investigations into his administration, campaign and businesses amid talk of impeachment.

“Everything the Democrats are asking me for is based on an illegally started investigation that failed for them, especially when the Mueller Report came back with a NO COLLUSION finding,” he wrote. “Now they say Impeach President Trump, even though he did nothing wrong, while they ‘fish!'”

“After two years of an expensive and comprehensive Witch Hunt, the Democrats don’t like the result and they want a DO OVER. In other words, the Witch Hunt continues!” Trump added.

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