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Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems: Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

Developing high-tech Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) is becoming a goal for technology companies. The automobile market still anticipates the arrival of self-driving cars, and any company that will be the first to hit the market could be in a position to reap big profits. Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems include important features such as emergency-braking systems, lane-departure warnings, forward-collision warnings, traffic-signal recognition, and driver monitoring. These systems are already on the market, and you should consider including them in your car, given these important features make your driving experience comfy and economical. Every piece of technology has its pros and cons,so let’s dive into some of them, starting with the challenges that are being experienced in the market:

Limited functionalities

This happens mostly with sensors, processors, system algorithms, and mapping applications. Their features still need to be advanced to improve on the accuracy of results given, despite factors like high driving speed and unfavorable environmental conditions,like rain and fog. Some sensors in the market have a limited measurement range, which makes it difficult to differentiate between a moving object and a stationary one. Such poor features in sensors will affect the accuracy of results given by the processors and system algorithms, hence making the entire system ineffective.

High costs

Although the features are in the market,rarely do customers see them as basic driving systems due to their high costs. Most of these applications are installed in premium cars only, and this reduces the awareness of their availability in the market. There is still a market gap in developing refined but affordable ADAS applications.

Having looked at some of the major challenges of the ADAS applications, let’s now check on the opportunities we are looking forward to.

Increased revenue

The European Union and the United States have already recommended that all vehicles include ADAS applications, such as emergency braking and forward collision warning systems,by the year 2020 to reduce the number of accidents. You need to buy high-quality ADAS to ensure your safety, and you can easily get them at These regulations are going to see more participation from the equipment manufacturers and also a significant increase in consumer demand of the applications.

Reduced accidents

The advancement of ADAS applications will help to greatly improve the driving experience and road safety.The installation of ADAS in all vehicles will be a total game-changer in the automobile market, and this will reduce costs incurred from poor driving habits and road accidents.

Increased consumer awareness

Increased demand for ADAS applications is expected to rise given the advancement of technology and the ensuing sophistication of the latest cars in the market. ADAS have important features that are consumer-friendly and enhance road users’ safety. A consumer who has previously bought or used the ADAS applications will always go for a car installed with the systems because of the satisfactory driving experience they had when using the applications prior.

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