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Watch: Democrats Met With Celebrities for Three Days to Form Their Legislative Agenda – Here’s What They Came Up With

House Democrats met with celebrities John Legend, Chrissy Teigen and others during a 3-day policy retreat during which they formed their legislative agenda.

After having accomplished nothing during the first 100 days of House control, Democrats are desperate to show voters that they can do anything legislatively. So far, the House has been overwhelmed with investigations into the president that have yielded no evidence of any wrongdoing.

Calling the policy positions the “For the People” agenda, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi emphasized her priority of saving Obamacare – the Democrats’ legacy health plan that is neither affordable, effective nor popular. She said that Democrats would fight any and all efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

“We’re gonna’ fight it in the courts, fight it in Congress, and fight in the court of public opinion as well,” she said.

Other Democrats explained that their priorities were equal pay for women workers, corruption in Washington, infrastructure, prescription drug prices but offered no real discussion on how they intend to accomplish any of it.

Publicly-outspoken members of the party have recently pushed extreme policies such as third-trimester and post-birth abortion, ending all fossil fuels in 10 years, massive tax increases, decriminalizing illegal immigration, abolishing I.C.E., instituting government control of the internet, eradicating private health insurance and more.

Watch the full briefing:

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  1. Why would House Dems meet with Commiewood wh0res to form anything legislation related??? What special characteristics would base, low IQ people who pretend to be human beings for a living posses that sets them above the rest of the citizenry for such meetings?

  2. OMFG, Seriously??? Met with Actors for three days, the damn democrats cannot help the American people but meet with actors??? WTF are they doing, writing a script??? I know that the new Star Wars movie is coming out in December, but hey Democrats-this is real life here?????
    and by the way dealing with Taxes, do they not get that we are running out of money??? Do they not get that even with Trump’s tax breaks that we are still taxed to much, for “F”s sake I only earn 25,000$ a year working full time and the payroll taxes that I pay are 25% never mind all the other taxes I pay (real estate, electricity, water, gas, etc.,m etc,) So when they say the little guy does not pay I say LIAR.. Democrats cannot solve problems by throwing money at it they need to learn to CUT! God damn it they piss me off!

  3. Meet with celebrites, that a good mix of the Americans, all play acting is what both do best.

  4. America is tired of your constant fighting. We want conversation and logical outcomes. Noy constant war mongering with the GOP.

  5. When the Dems finally get over that amidst their efforts to steal the 2016 Presidency, and stop shooting themselves in the feet by obstructing, and resisting, and allowing a few bad apples in congress to humiliate the whole party, who are promoting “SOCIALISM” they can come up with an agenda to possibly beating Trump on POLICIES, HOWEVER until that happens….its a lock that Trump will be re`elected on his accomplishments alone.

  6. Yet she refuses to meet with Angel Moms! I guess they aren’t rich enough. Disgraceful. Term Limits please! Let’s vote them out please.

  7. I think we all can see just Whom the Dems care for and it’s sure not the blacks or mexican illegals. They are “Making Their Platform” with the folks that they really care about. The fruits & nuts of Hollywierd! lmap

  8. Socialism has already failed in America. It’s current appeal is born in ignorance and dishonesty.

    Examination of the treatment of indigenous native Americans is proof positive of what happens when big government determines the worth of individuals and what is best for them. Socialism strips people of their humanity and subjects them to abusive dependency on the state.

    There is no place for socialism in America. The informed and rational among us realize that to be true; among others are the ignorant and dishonest Democrats aspiring to higher office.

    John Lucas
    Buttonwillow, CA

  9. This is what I got from reading this article——–Pelosi talks to the celebrities , why , the money donors. She didn’t talk to the people who support the dems. The celebrites help make the agenda to move forward. The celebrities can afford the higher taxes and such but the average people have a harder time. The people are getting strangled——- You don’t mean anything to the dem party . Don’t you get it YOUR PELOSI’S worker bee’s- thats all Its the celebs money that is important to her. Her and the helping the people is full of BS. Her statement said it all. If you read into that statement a couple of times –you get the picture loud and clear.

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